The (Unofficial) UDIC Signature Code

The symbols + and - are assigned according to an arbitrary criteria. There is nothing better about plusses, and nothing wrong with minuses.

BlueChip Dragon has a form based code generator which will mail a copy of your signature code to you. Handy!

The Ultima Dragons


You may be a Dragon, but are you a dragon? Some of us are. Let us know where you stand with the "d" prefix followed by one of the following signifiers:

d++++ I am a for-real, honest-to-virtue dragon.
d+++ One of my ancestors was a confirmed dragon.
d++ Sometimes I think I must have SOME dragon blood.
d+ I'm not a dragon, but I play one on TV.
d Depends on the mood I'm in.
d- No, I'm fully human, you betcha.
d-- Some people take this "dragon" thing way too seriously.
d--- There are no such things as dragons.
d---- GROW UP!


Some of the Dragons date back all the way to the original Prodigy group, while some of us are more recently hatched. Explain to interested parties your term of service in the Dragons by following the "e" prefix with one of the following signifiers:

e++++ I sent my application in on a cuneiform tablet.
e+++ I was a Prodigy Dragon.
e++ I am an undisputed greybeard.
e+ I've been a Dragon for well over a year.
e I've been a Dragon for about a year now.
e- I've been in the club a few months.
e-- I've been a Dragon for less than a month.
e--- I'm not an Ultima Dragon right now.
e---- Hello, I'm the Doctor, and this is my friend Iolo.


How much of an Internet junkie are you? We know you've got access, but how good are you at using it? Tell the world by taking the "N" prefix and adding one of the following signifiers:

N++++ I am Jobe.
N+++ I am a net.god, and an established authority on cyberspace.
N++ I have my own major website (75+ hits/day) and am active throughout the Internet.
N+ I know how to do HTML coding, and can operate my Web browser and newsreader with great aplomb.
N I can use e-mail, the Web, FTP, Usenet, IRC and MUDs, but generally use only one or two of them on a regular basis.
N- I'm not fully on top of the Internet, but I do know how things generally work.
N-- E-mail and the Web only; I don't have time to learn the rest of it.
N--- If AOL doesn't do it automatically, it's not worth doing.
N---- Abolish the Internet! Bring back the telegraph!


Probably the most important item in the UDIC Code. How quick are you to anger, and how violently do you express that anger? Warn the world by taking the prefix "T" and adding one of the following signifiers:

T++++ Milk and Cheese ain't got nothin' on me.
T+++ Flame early and flame often. Step on my toes and you'll be a charcoal briquette.
T++ I'm half pussycat and half wolverine.
T+ I'm slow to rile, but when I do get mad, look out.
T I'm about average.
T- I try to keep a cool head.
T-- I don't get mad unless I'm pushed, and pushed hard.
T--- I am the voice of reason in any conflagaration.
T---- I have had a full frontal lobotomy. How could anyone be angry with all the pretty colors everywhere?


This item does not refer to how tolerant you are; rather, it refers to how willing you are to consider ideas that do not conform to your own. It's best to let others know what to expect from you by adding to the "Om" prefix any one of the following signifiers:

Om++++ I believe everything I read.
Om+++ I have no unshakeable convictions, and I'll accept any idea that seems valid.
Om++ I'll entertain any idea and accept many of them.
Om+ I try to see things from others' point of view.
Om Some things I'm open-minded about, others I'm not.
Om- I've got a reputation for being hard-headed.
Om-- I listen, but I've found that I'm usually right to begin with.
Om--- I am always right. You are always wrong.
Om---- I only read what I myself write.

Ultima Background

Ultimas Played

For this category you do not use pluses and minuses. Instead, follow the "U" prefix with the numbers of the Ultimas you've played. If you have played an Ultima without a clearly defined number, insert a letter instead as listed below:

E Ultima: Escape from Mount Drash
A Ultima Underworld I: The Great Stygian Abyss
W Worlds of Ultima: The Savage Empire
M Worlds of Ultima: Martian Dreams
L Ultima Underworld II: Labyrinth of Worlds
S Ultima VII Part Two: Serpent's Isle
K Akalabeth

Forge of Virtue and Silver Seed are not full games. If you have played one of them, place an apostrophe next to the letter or number of the game they attach to. If you've solved a specific Ultima, follow its number or letter with an exclamation point (!).

For example, if you have played Ultimas 3, 5, 7, Underworld I and Serpent's Isle, played Forge of Virtue but not Silver Seed, and solved only 5 and Underworld, your code would read:



The prerequisite for joining the UDIC is having PLAYED Ultima, not necessarily having SOLVED it. Indicate your Ultima skill using the "U" prefix followed by one of the following signifiers:

u++++ I've solved every Ultima with no hints in under a week.
u+++ Hints are for sissies!
u++ I've solved Ultimas without the hintbook.
u+ I've solved every Ultima I've played, but I usually need the hintbook.
u I've solved an Ultima.
u- I've never solved an Ultima, although I've come close.
u-- I've barely even gotten started.
u--- Okay, I admit it, I lied. I've never played Ultima.
u---- What's Ultima? Where am I? What's going on?


One of the reasons Ultima is so popular is that it seems to "draw you in," causing you to identify strongly with the character of the Avatar. What is your experience with this? Tell us with the "uC" prefix and one of the following signifiers:

uC++++ You know the Orb of the Moons that came with Ultima VI? Mine works.
uC+++ Britannia is sometimes more real than real life.
uC++ I like to just wander around town and watch what people do when you leave them alone.
uC+ The sacrifice in Serpent's Isle bummed me out for a week.
uC It's a fun game, but that's all it is.
uC- Must disagree. Ultima isn't realistic at all.
uC-- It's just colored blobs on a piece of glass; it has no relevance to my life.
uC--- People who identify with computer game characters are seriously sick in the head.
uC---- Who cares about the plot? You can solve everybody's problems with four little words: Vas Corp Bet Mani.

Fighting in Ultima

Are you really just a Diablo player who once bought Ultima by mistake? How much of your Ultima enjoyment is derived from combat? Let us know with the prefix "uF" followed by one of the following signifiers:

uF++++ Y3S!!! CoM3 oN!!! ThoZe gArdZ R wuSsEes!!!
uF+++ I'll give you "Is that virtuous," Iolo!
uF++ Hey, _someone's_ gotta sort out all those gazers...
uF+ Berserk was a great addition to the U6 combat engine.
uF Combat is an important part of a CRPG.
uF- I prefer the character interaction of the Ultima games.
uF-- Actually, I always play shepherds, and avoid fights if at all possible.
uF--- We should all, like, learn to understand the monsters' point of view, man.
uF---- Yoinks! Gremlins! Let's get out of here, Scooby!

Hating the Guardian

Skip this question if you've never played Ultima VII, Serpent's Isle, or Pagan. Just about everybody hates the Guardian -- he's big, he's nasty, he's a Muppet. How much do YOU hate the best villain in computer gaming history? Make it clear with the "uG" prefix, followed by one of the following signifiers:

uG++++ I'd like to disembowel him with a shrimp fork, immerse him in rubbing alcohol, and then make him watch while I dissect whatever's left with a pair of knitting needles.
uG+++ I'd like to flay him alive with a cheese grater.
uG++ I'd like to turn him into crispy critters with a Flame Wind.
uG+ I'd like to banish him to the Ethereal Void forever.
uG I never really thought about it.
uG- Hate the sin, not the sinner.
uG-- I sympathize with some of his tenets, like his love of order. It's his methods I disagree with.
uG--- He's a conqueror. Conquerors conquer. No reason to hold a grudge. Actually I kind of admire his determination.
uG---- I am Batlin.

Hating Lord British

Certain Dragons, particularly the members of the DLF, feel that perhaps Lord British may not be the best person to run the government of Britannia. Other Dragons, particularly the members of PVLB, feel he's doing a bang-up job. Proclaim your feelings to the world by taking the prefix "uLB" and adding one of the following signifiers:

uLB++++ Forget Britannia. Richard Garriott for Prime Minister!
uLB+++ He's the best thing that ever happened to Britannia. The Avatar is just his sidekick.
uLB++ He's a great King, and we should thank him for all he's done for us.
uLB+ This guy has invented a philosophy that held up for 200 years. Let's give him some credit.
uLB He's the King. It's not my job to approve or disapprove of him.
uLB- He's a poor governor. He should abdicate in favor of the Council.
uLB-- We should march in there and throw him out on his ass.
uLB--- We should march in there and set fire to his ass.
uLB---- I've got a bronze plaque right here, pal, and I know how to use it!


Some Dragons think that Ultima is a lot more than a game; Lord British's philosophy is compelling, and some of us try to incorporate it into their own lives. Indicate your stance on this with the "uA" prefix, followed by one of these signifiers:

uA++++ Forgive them, Father, they know not what they do.
uA+++ I believe that I am an Avatar right now.
uA++ I'm a Wayfarer. The virtues are an important part of my life.
uA+ I try to be virtuous, but I keep falling short.
uA I like the virtues, but this IS just a game.
uA- I think the virtue system is fundamentally sound, but I disagree with the particulars.
uA-- The virtues just cramp my style.
uA--- Goddamn goody-two-shoes crap. I do what I want.
uA---- I am the Guardian.

Specific Stuff for the Usenet Newsgroup

If you don't follow the newsgroup, you can go ahead and skip this section.

Having a Clue

No, not cluebooks. This category indicates how "in the loop" you are among the Ultima Dragons of the newsgroup. Use the "nC" prefix combined with one of these signifiers:

nC++++ I am in constant telepathic contact with all of you.
nC+++ Other Dragons have been accused of kissing up to me.
nC++ I can tell who's talking by the words they use.
nC+ I've got a pretty good handle on who's who.
nC I've visited and read the FAQ.
nC- "How do I complete the Test of Truth?" (It's in the rgcud FAQ!)
nC-- "What's a cinnabon?"
nC--- "Isn't that off-topic?"
nC---- "You mean this isn't a Quake newsgroup?"

The Reorganization

If you don't know exactly what this is, skip this category. If you do, and you choose to use it, add one of the following signifiers to the "uR" category.

nR++++ For my next trick ... RMGROUP*.
nR+++ Hey, Usenet has spoken, so you can shut yer yaps.
nR++ Why would anyone oppose it to begin with?
nR+ I thought it was a good idea, but I'm not married to it.
nR Eh. Who cares?
nR- I disagreed with it, but I'm not fanatical about it.
nR-- It was pointless and useless, and endangers the group as a whole.
nR--- Why on Earth did anyone consider it, let alone VOTE for it!?
nR---- I am Inigo Montoya. You killed my newsgroup. Prepare to die.


When a newbie posts a hints or hardware question to the group, some Dragons take up the call and others just ignore them. Indicate your reaction with the "nH" prefix, combined with one of these signifiers:

nH++++ "Here's that complete ASCII map of all the dungeons I did up for you. If you need any more help, call me collect. The international operator will tell you how."
nH+++ I've written walkthroughs, and make it publicly known that I am an Ultima oracle.
nH++ I post and e-mail a full and complete answer, with clues first, then spoiler space, then the answer.
nH+ I post an answer if I know it.
nH If I know the answer, and I haven't seen the question before, I may post a response.
nH- Let someone else do it.
nH-- Don't these people know how to use hintbooks?
nH--- They're just looking for attention.
nH---- "If you think you're going to be fighting Shadowlords, make sure to take off the Crown first."


It's usually difficult to tell how popular you are on a newsgroup. That is NOT the case in the UDIC. Let others know what you're like with the "nP" prefix followed by one of these signifiers:

nP++++ I am Lord British.
nP+++ Dragons have discussed their personal problems with me.
nP++ I've discussed issues with most of the active UDIC.
nP+ I've swapped jokes with the popular crowd.
nP About half my posts get answered, and I rarely get flamed.
nP- People rarely answer my posts, and I get flamed by e-mail.
nP-- I get publicly flamed every time I post.
nP--- People have threatened to beat me up.
nP---- I am Cantor and/or Siegel.

Group Politics

Dragons are intrigue-prone at best, and downright sneaky at worst. Needless to say there is a lot of political activity going on on UDIC. Indicate your feelings about these important issues with the "nI" prefix (I for Intrigue) followed by one of these signifiers:

nI++++ I am the Winston Churchill of the UDIC.
nI+++ I joined a political mailing list, and defend Valiantly against anyone who disagrees with me. I don't let a topic drop, ever.
nI++ I know a dozen ways to tell someone to go to hell so politely that they'll look forward to the trip.
nI+ I tend to go along with whoever's the best debater.
nI Why bother?
nI- I tend to go along with whoever's the best flamer.
nI-- I generally oppose both sides of every argument.
nI--- I'm a graduate of the Don Rickles School of Diplomacy.
nI---- It's easy to turn people against each other, and fun to watch the fireworks. Just call me Machiavellian Dragon.

Plot Threads

Some Dragons participate in every plot thread they come across. Some think the entire thing is a waste of time. What do you think? Tell us using the "nPT" prefix followed by one of these signifiers:

nPT++++ If my dragon form dies, do I die too?
nPT+++ My posts make up a third or more of the average plot thread. I spend more time at Cinnabon's than I do asleep.
nPT++ I never miss a plot thread, and have a character sheet drawn up for my dragon form.
nPT+ I'm a fixture at Cinnabon's, and eager to go questing with my fellow Dragons.
nPT I'll participate if it looks interesting.
nPT- Plot threads are stupid.
nPT-- This crap is worthless and takes up far too much bandwidth.
nPT--- Oh, I'm in the plot threads, all right. Flaming every single dork in them.
nPT---- I am Health Vader.


If Samurai throws a cream pie at you, or Frenetic's reply to your post is in the form of a musical number, do you laugh along or cringe alone? Tell people where you stand on this foolishness by following the "nS" prefix with one of the following signifiers:

nS++++ Ni! Ni! Ni! Oh, a WISE guy, eh, nyuck nyuck nyuck? WooooooOOOOOoooooOOOOOooooo. Bud. Weis. Er.
nS+++ Cartoon violence is the secret purpose of Usenet.
nS++ What's a cream pie between friends?
nS+ Slapstick is part of what makes r.g.c.u.d fun.
nS It's a newsgroup. It's SUPPOSED to be a LITTLE silly.
nS- There is a time and place for everything.
nS-- Just keep that garbage out of the REAL threads, okay?
nS--- ARRRRRRRGH! Stop it! Stop it!
nS---- The next person to make a Monty Python joke gets their tongue ripped out by the ROOTS!


It's fun. Everybody does it. No one is supposed to. Use this code to indicate how much delight you take in just plain being annoying. It consists of the prefix "nT" followed by one of the following signifiers:

nT++++ What else is Usenet for?
nT+++ Ain't nobody that doesn't need to be taken down a peg or two.
nT++ Hey, anything goes in Cinnabon's ...
nT+ Sometimes it's fun to bait the pompous.
nT I only troll once in a blue moon.
nT- It's not right, and people shouldn't do it.
nT-- It's indicative of a puerile attitude and a tiny mind.
nT--- This group needs a moderator NOW!
nT---- "This is a .44 Magnum, the most powerful handgun in the world ..."


If you're not on Weyrmount, you can go ahead and skip this section.

General MOOing

While many Dragons MOO, some MOO more than others. Some just don't get it. Some don't want to get it. What do you want? Use the prefix "wM", followed by one of the following signifiers:

wM++++ Bow down before me. I am a wizard.
wM+++ Sleep? No sleep. Only MOO.
wM++ Okay, I'll admit it. I'm addicted.
wM+ I spend quite a bit of time there.
wM I've been known to log in from time to time.
wM- I've tried it, but it's just not my thing.
wM-- The things people will do when they have time on their hands ...
wM--- I'm never going NEAR that damn place again.
wM---- Isn't that the sound a cow makes?


While plot thread Dragons are fond of Cinnabons, they are a fixture on Weyrmount. This is undoubtedly the greatest political issue ever to divide the Dragons, and WE MUST KNOW WHERE YOU STAND! Stop me from shouting at you again with the prefix "wC" followed by one of the following signifiers:

wC++++ I am Monomolecular and/or Karma.
wC+++ WizTraveller turns me into one daily.
wC++ I will kill for cinnabons!
wC Yummy, cinnabons.
wC- Cinnawhats?
wC-- I'm not a big fan of cinnabons.
wC--- You couldn't force them down my throat.
wC---- I'd rather have an Egg McMuffin.


MOO is a social medium. Well, social AND anti-social, but you get the point. Let the world know how gregarious you are with the "wS" prefix followed by one of the following signifiers:

wS++++ Psygnosis made a game about me.
wS+++ If I teleported any faster my @ key would fall off.
wS++ 'Party Dragon' is tattooed on my forehead.
wS+ I'm always in groups.
wS I often talk with friends.
wS- I socialize on occasion.
wS-- I haven't left my room in months.
wS--- Wait, you mean there are other people on this MOO?
wS---- There are other people, period?


Sometimes, MOOers will be away from the keyboard for an extended period of time. Their character's still there, but won't be too responsive until they get back. Do you do this? Do you not do this? Do be do be doo? The prefix is "uI", and the signifiers are:

wI++++ I am Avron.
wI+++ I am a wizard.
wI++ Just TRY and catch me active.
wI+ Hey, if the doorbell rings ... I have my priorities.
wI Maybe I'm at the keyboard, maybe not.
wI- I try to keep busy.
wI-- I'm almost always doing something or other.
wI--- My idle time was 1 second once, but it'll never happen again, I swear!
wI---- I am like a shark. If I stop typing, I die.


Newbies are easy to put up with on a newsgroup, where there aren't really that many questions to answer. On a MOO they are both the joy and the bane of many Dragons' existences. Indicate the direction in which you lean with the "wN" prefix followed by one of the following signifiers:

wN++++ I am [or was] LordMike.
wN+++ Newbies are the best people in the MOO.
wN++ I actively search out newbies.
wN+ Newbies are neat.
wN Newbies are okay.
wN- They're not THAT bad, but I prefer to let 'em mature a bit before I get too close.
wN-- They're all idiots.
wN--- I refuse to speak to anyone younger than a year.
wN---- I love newbies, if they're properly cooked.


If you don't frequent #udic or #ultima, you can go ahead and skip this section.

(Not yet completed. This section will use "c?" tags, with different letters taking the place of the "?".)


If you are not currently on Ultima Online, you can go ahead and skip this section.

General Attitude

What do you think of Ultima Online so far? Indicate your views by adding one of the following signifiers to the prefix "o":

o++++ I actually intend to be a baker, and I'm quitting my real job to pursue a career in Britannia.
o+++ This is going to be better than any Ultima before it!
o++ I fully expect to be a 5-hour-a-day Dragon.
o+ This game is showing real promise.
o It's a totally new medium, what do you expect?
o- Lag, playerkillers, and no plot. Maybe once they've got it really working well I'll give another try.
o-- Ultima just doesn't work online, period.
o--- Online games are a bad idea to begin with.
o---- Origin: either give up on this garbage and start U9 now, or there will be CONSEQUENCES, capish?

General Attitude Problem

This item is open to all. Exactly how do you make your way in Ultima Online ... do you follow the path of Virtue, or the path of Killing Everything In Sight? Warn us about your poor standards of conduct by following the "oA" prefix with one of the following signifiers:

oA++++ Oops -- broke character. Time to roll up a new one.
oA+++ I shall live and breathe the Way of the Avatar!
oA++ I'm planning on creating a realistic, interesting online persona.
oA+ Questing sounds fun, and I'll get to play with the fun skills.
oA I will do what I need to do to survive, but I plan on roleplaying whatever it is I end up doing.
oA- If I can't steal it, I don't want it.
oA-- Heh. Get in my way and I'll hand you your head.
oA--- Let the newbie hunt commence!
oA---- HaKK hakk HAkk them servers d00d!!!! RoasTEd GaUrd is mY FAVE!!!! VAS CORP BET MANI!

Online Experience

When did you start playing Ultima Online? When it actually came out ... or somewhat before then? Testify by adding one of the following signifiers to the prefix "oE":

oE++++ I predate the beta.
oE+++ I was one of the first beta testers.
oE++ I was a Phase 2 beta tester.
oE+ I've been playing since UO first went commercial.
oE I've used up my trial time, and I'm still playing.
oE- I'm still in my trial time.
oE-- I've been playing for a couple of weeks.
oE--- I'm a complete newbie.
oE---- I don't even own a copy.

Basic Background


First, indicate your gender with one of the following prefixes: "x" if you are female, "y" if you are male, and "z" if you refuse to indicate one or the other. Then add one of the following signifiers:

z++++ I have my own cyberbrothel.
z+++ I'll have cybersex anywhere, anytime.
z++ I've had cybersex.
z+ I can find a double entendre in any post.
z I'm neither a cyberprude nor a cyberslut.
z- Sexual innuendo makes me uncomfortable.
z-- This stuff has no place on the Net.
z--- But what about the children that could read this?
z---- Stick your blue ribbon where the sun don't shine, 'cos the Internet needs censorship, NOW!

Note that this reflects only your behavior online. What you're like in real life is your problem. You can also use personals abbreviations (like SWF or GBM).

And, by the way, if you'd rather not tell us, use the signifier "?", which translates roughly as "mind your own business."


How old are you, or can it even be measured in rational numbers? If you're willing to tell us, follow the "a" prefix with the number of years you've been on any number of planets.

(Special thanks to: Fortran for his input, WizTraveller for all of the Weyrmount categories, and Samurai and Monomolecular for their input.)

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