The Literal ULTIMA

THE Literal Ultima

In this part of my notebooks are complete transcripts all NPC conversations in several of the games in the cardinal Ultima series, through Black Gate. I originally extracted Ultima IV's conversations just to see if I could do it, and realized in the process that there were several "hidden" items I'd never found in the game. That is true play for real for most of the games; there are usually easter eggs or other funny conversations that the player never sees unless they know exactly where to look. Also, a complete transcript makes a very effective walkthrough tool. For example, if you want to know who in Ultima V tells you about the grappling hook, simply view the Ultima V transcript and perform a text search for that term.

Also listed here are lists of the books, scrolls, and signs found in each game. Most of the signs are not very interesting, but the book lists serve as a sort of "Project Gutenberg" for the Ultima series. And the gravestones in each game were often used as hidden kudos to various people on the development teams; where possible, I've identified for you the developers and testers being credited. For Ultima Online fans, see also the UO Vault's list of books included in that game.

Due to space limitations, some of these resources are provided as archived (zipped) files. You can use a utility like WinZip to extract them.

One more thing: for those of you who wish there were online copies of the Ultima documentation as well, there are! Micro Dragon's Ultima Documentation Project has beautiful copies of all the docs from the first six macintosh pokies games, with color graphics and everything, and links to where you can find exact copies of the originals in Acrobat format.

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