The Literal ULTIMA

SIGNS of Ultima V

Here are the various signs that can be read in Ultima V. Note that the set of gravestones near the bottom (Colin through Sir Robert) are all secret credits for the Apple II game testers. Their graves can be found in West Brittany.

North Britain, East Paws, South Trinsic

North Britain, South Paws

Serpents Pass

Beware the Desert

Private Island, Visitors not welcome, Beat it

Know that ye may only pass if on a sacred quest

Beware the Deep Forest

This is the island of Sherlock the Strange

Hereupon began the quest of His Majesty Lord British to explore and chart the Underworld

Here lies a valiant Knight, Meridin

Here lies a valiant Knight, Arionis

Here lies a valiant Knight, Roin

Here lies a valiant Knight, Noin

Here lies a valiant Knight, Geraci

Private chambers, Do not enter

May all who enter know forgiveness

Political prisoners

Alas poor Fred, he lost his head

Here lies Pat, got eaten by a rat

Here lies the upper half of Blackthorn's old jester

Here lies the lower half of Blackthorn's old jester

Here lies Headwood, no better than deadwood

Underneath is Leif, who turned out to be a thief

Here lies Yellowberg, cold as an iceberg

John was satanical, he died on the manacles

Here lies Jack, who was stretched on the rack

Mission of the helpless

Here lies the tale end of a bard

Fogsbane, visitors welcome

Greyhaven, a light of virtue

Here lies poor Richard buried alive, trying to finish Ultima V
(Referring obviously to Richard Garriott.)

Here lies Lebling in his coffin, kicked the dragon once too often

He's no longer alive, he tried to drink and drive, this has been a public service tombstone

Ye Royal Prison

Northstar Armoury, Max Engel proprietor

Ye King's stable, watch thy step

Private chambers of His Majesty Lord British

Welcome to the palace of the sovereign Lord Blackthorn

Grave robbers will be prosecuted

Here lies poor Colin, off a cliff he had fallen
(Reference to tester Colin Sachs.)

Here we sadly buried Ian, what a bad boy he was bein'
(Reference to tester Ian Manchester.)

Lost a fight did old Kirk, with the wrong side of a dirk
(Reference to tester Kirk Hutcheon.)

Tried to fly did poor young Tim, fatal choice for a whim
(Reference to tester Tim Beaudoin.)

Strong and daring was young Laurel, tried the falls in a barrel
(Reference to tester Laurel Treamer.)

Andre lies under Earth's umbrella, alas he died of salmonella
(Actually, I don't know who this is a reference to. But it must be someone on the testing team.)

In the pub was last seen Dale, the food he ate was more than stale
(Reference to tester Dale Nichols.)

Loved the women dashing Kurt, with the wrong one did he flirt
(Reference to tester Kurt Boutin, otherwise known as Kurtstable.)

Work harder said Miss Jean, never again was she seen
(Reference to tester Jean Tauscher.)

Far too frugal was Sir Robert, his employees lynched him to ease their poverty
(Reference to Origin financial officer at the time Robert Garriott. Guess that hourly wage in 1987 didn't quite hack it!)

Welcome to North Britanny

Welcome to Paws

Beware, Rodents of Unusual Size

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