Bob Gregg

aka: Underworld Dragon

A large, green, scaly fellow. Did I mention wings? Yes, it's a Dragon. Or as Penfold would say, "Yoinks! It's the Dragon! (thud)". In real life I am a software analyst for a major telco, which is no less scary than Dragons.
d+ e++ N++ T+ Om+ U1!2!3!4!5!6!7'!S'!8!A!L!W!M!
u+++ uC++++ uF++ uG++ uLB+ uA--- nC++ nR- nH+++ nP+++ nI++ nPT- nS+ nT+
wM+++ wC+ wS- wI-- wN- o- oA+
yz a29

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Favorite Ultima: Ultima Underworld: The Stygian Abyss

UDIC Services Provided:

The Collectible Ultima - Info about Ultima games and related products
The Historical Ultima - complete chronology of the Ultima universe
The Literal Ultima - Transcripts from the cardinal Ultima series
FAQ for the Weyrmount MOO, maintain the UDIC signature code, other web-based stuff

Qualified to assist in the playing of the following games:

All of 'em, sparky

Titles, Awards, and Societies: *

Created the Weyrmount's "bot" class of NPC objects
One of the first Dragons to join UDIC, September 1994

Can be found haunting:
Occasionally seen on the Weyrmount MOO

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