The Historical ULTIMA

THE Historical Ultima

Contained herein is a timeline of events in the world of Britannia. I hope to expand this chronology to include timelines from the other worlds of the Ultima series, particularly Serpent Isle and Pagan, but for now the Britannian timeline is the only one completed. The events in this timeline were extracted from the actual game texts of the Ultima games, including documentation, character conversations, and various scrolls and books you read during the course of play. Some of the events are more important than others, some less, but all can at least be traced back to some actual reference in the games. Where possible (and where I remember) I've included those references so you can check the events for yourself.

While mine was probably the first such timeline (originally written back in 1995), several other fans have since done good chronologies, with their own theories as to the history of Britannia. Since I worked or shared information with some of those fans to help them populate their timelines, I've included links to their sites for your perusal.

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