The Literal ULTIMA

ULTIMA I Transcript

There isn't much game text in the first Ultima, it's mostly action. And this is from the 1986 remake, not the original, so there's probably some variation. Still, this should give you the general idea.

Origin Systems presents
...a new release of the best selling personal computer role-playing adventure...
...Lord British's original fantasy masterpiece...
Ultima I

Thou had best know...
...about space travel!
...Thou must destory at least 20 enemy vessels to become an ace! watch the wench. watch the lecher.
...that the princess will give great reward to the one who rescues her, and an extra gift to an 8th level ace!
...thou must go back in time.
...thou should destroy the evil gem!
...that many lakes and poinds have strong magical powers!
...that this is a great game!
...that over 1000 years ago, Mondain the Wizard created an evil gem. With this gem, he is immortal and cannot be defeated. The quest of --Ultima-- is to traverse the lands in search of a time machine. Upon finding such a device, thou should go back in tim to the days before Mondain created the evil gem and destroy him!
...Thou art broke! Come back when thou hast some money to spend.
The tavern keeper sayeth: Here, have a cold one!
Thou hast been seduced! After a long night, thou art back.

Go now and kill a <Gelatinous Cube, Carrion Creeper, Lich, Balron>.
Go forth and find <monument>.
Do not return until thy quest is done!
Ah, <name>! Thou hast completed thy quest.
For this I will give thee x points of strength.
For this I shall tell thee that it requires all four gems to launch a time machine! The king gives thee a red gem.
For this I shall tell thee that the time machine must be used in order to win. The king gives thee a green gem!
For this I shall tell thee the princess will help a space ace through time! The king gives thee a blue gem!
For this I shall tell thee to take nine items from my storerooms - but only nine! The king also gives thee a white gem!

Thou hast saved the princess. She giveth thee 500 hit points, pence and experience points.
(If a space ace) She informs thee that thou art now ready for time travel, and that there is a time machine far to the northwest!

Entering the craft, thou dost remark upon four holes marked: R G B W. The proper gems fit in each hole. Further exampination leads thee to two discoveries: There is a button marked LAUNCH, and thou art locked in, with nothing to do but press it! As soon as thou hast pressed the large black button, lights begin to dance across the control screens. Generators shake the very floor beneath thy feet. The small craft begins to tremble and rattle as thy journey thorugh time begins... After but a few moments thou dost feel a strong magic pulling thee from thy craft... A moment later, thou art face to face with the evil Mondain himself! Good luck, this is it!

THE FINAL BATTLE looks as if he is creating the evil gem!
(Most spells) effect!
(Another spell) "INTERFICIO-NUNC!" The spell doth seem to make him stronger!
(If you <G>et the gem) ...'tis nothing here!
(Attack the gem) The Gem is DESTROYED! Mondain's magical aura doth seem substantially diminished in the absence of the gem...
(<S>teal) ...he's watching. That would be foolish!
(<T>ransact) ...Mondain will not negotiate!
(Killing Mondain before the Gem) Mondain is dead!...or is he?
(Lose) THOU ART DEAD! Thou hast been defeated by Mondain the Wizard! THE UNIVERSE IS DOOMED!

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