** written by Underworld Dragon **
** version 0.95 / Apr 23, 1997 **

(Nov 05, 1997: This list has been superceded by a new web site, The Collectible Ultima. Please visit the web site for the latest updates. Thanks for your support!)


1: What is this list?
This is a complete (or as close as possible) listing of all Ultima-related software and other commercial products which have been released either by Origin Systems, Inc. (OSI) or other companies. The purpose of this list is to give a source of information for what Ultima products exist, where they might be found, and how collectible (or collected) those products are. There are two intended audiences for this information. First are the fans of the Ultima games, who will enjoy reading this list from pure fan interest. Second are the collectors. Some people collect old computer games or other items for their market or historical value, while some (like myself) collect the games and books simply as a hobby. Either way, this list should make it easier to learn about what items exist and where they might be found.

The product list itself is fairly complete, but is always open to revisions. As people read this list they inform me of mistakes, omissions, or information that I simply did not have available for earlier releases. If you're reading this and think you might have some information that is different than I have listed here, by all means, tell me about it!

2: Where did the information on this list come from?
Several different sources. It started with Ultima products I personally either owned or knew about, and grew from there. Dozens of individuals on the Internet have helped contribute. Some friendly folks that have worked at Origin lent their hands to this list as well. There is a credits section at the bottom of this document.

A lot of information is available via Usenet about Ultima products for sale or trade across the Internet. Check on the following newsgroups:

* rec.games.computer.ultima-dragons (home of the Ultima Dragons fan club)
* comp.sys.amiga.games
* comp.sys.amiga.marketplace
* comp.sys.apple2.marketplace
* comp.sys.atari.8bit
* comp.sys.atari.st
* comp.sys.cbm
* comp.sys.ibm.pc.games.rpg
* comp.sys.ibm.pc.games.marketplace
* comp.sys.mac.games.marketplace
* misc.forsale.computer
* rec.games.video.marketplace

3: What is Ultima?
The name "Ultima" refers to a series of computer games created by Richard Garriott, and the software company he founded, Origin Systems, Inc. The Ultima games have, since the beginnings of the personal computer revolution, practically defined the computer role-playing game genre. There are a lot of fans of this series, including the Ultima Dragons.

4: Who are the Ultima Dragons?
An Internet club of people who are fans of the Ultima computer game series. You can find out more information about them from their web site:

Or you can read their Usenet group:

You can also visit their MOO, the Weyrmount:
telnet weyrmount.sensemedia.net 9020

5 How do I read the listings?
The following abbreviations and acronyms are used frequently througout
this document:

* UPC: Universal Product Code (bar code)
* EA: Electronic Arts catalog number (if any)
* ISBN: International Standard Book Number
* OLP: Original List Price
* CSP: Current Street Price (if applicable)
* AVA: Current Availability, from 0 to 10, with possible sources

(Please note, all monetary values are in $US.)

Many of the products still do not have these markings. It's not an oversight; if a product doesn't have much information, it's because nobody has sent me any yet. Feel free to contribute anything you might know!

Also, the following acronyms are used to refer to the Ultima games themselves:

* U1: Ultima (or Ultima I)
* U2: Ultima II: Revenge of the Enchantress
* U3: EXODUS: Ultima III
* U4: Ultima IV: Quest of the Avatar
* U5: Ultima V: Warriors of Destiny
* U6: Ultima VI: The False Prophet
* SE: Worlds of Ultima: The Savage Empire
* MD: Worlds of Ultima 2: Martian Dreams
* UW1: Ultima Underworld: The Stygian Abyss
* UW2: Ultima Underworld 2: Labyrinth of Worlds
* U7: Ultima VII: The Black Gate
* FOV: Ultima VII: Forge of Virtue (U7 add-in)
* U7p2: Ultima VII, part 2: Serpent Isle
* SI: same as Serpent Isle
* SS: Serpent Isle: The Silver Seed (U7p2 add-in)
* U8: Pagan: Ultima VIII
* U9: Ultima IX: Ascension
* UO/UOL: Ultima Online

Other acronyms that are used:

* FCI: Fujisankei Communications International, Inc.
* NA: Not Applicable/Not Available
* NES: Nintendo Entertainment System
* OSI: Origin Systems, Inc.
* ROV: Runes of Virtue (Nintendo series)
* US: United States
* WOU: Worlds of Ultima (The Savage Empire/Martian Dreams)
* YMMV: Your Mileage May Vary (in other words, buyer beware!)

6 How can I use this list?
The listing has two purposes - to show what products exist, and for some of the products, to help find them. The most useful way to uniquely identify most of the items in this list is by UPC number. If you are wondering about an Ultima product, you can find its UPC number in this list and use that to get more information about that product. For example, if you are considering purchasing an Ultima game across the Internet, it would behoove you to check the UPC number of the product you are buying, and check that item on this list to guarantee that you know exactly what you should be getting. For many of the earlier products, there is no UPC number; for these you are on your own to tell whether what you have matches an item in this list, but I have tried to provide as much information as possible. For books, I provide the ISDN code instead of the UPC number, since that is what you would typically use to order the book. Note that the entries in this list are not exhaustive. Rather than list every piece of paper that might be included with an Ultima, I have tried to focus on the major collectible items a fan might be interested in, such as cloth maps, trinkets, box art, etc.

To get an idea of how difficult an item is to find, look at its availability (AVA) code. The codes run from 0 to 10, with 10 being the greatest (easiest) availability. The meaning of the codes is roughly as follows:

* 10 Available commercially from Origin/EA and in stores currently.
* 08-09 Still available in some stores; available from EA directly.
* 06-07 Not still in stores, but still available from EA or others.
* 04-05 Not available from EA, but still commonly traded on Usenet.
* 02-03 Traded less rarely, but still at least once per month.
* 01 Rarely, if ever, traded. Very difficult to come by.
* 00 Never traded. Practically impossible to obtain.

Keep in mind that this isn't an exact science; the codes are just supposed to give a rough estimate of how difficult it would be to obtain a given product. If a product is not available from Origin, EA, or whoever the original producer is, you will have to find it like a normal collectible - in yard sales, specialty shops, over Usenet, or other such trading methods. The newsgroups listed above under (2) are often useful for trading Ultima products. For books, you can sometimes find online book stores on the Web which have out-of-print books. When possible, I have listed sources I know of where products can still be found. If you know of sources which I have not listed, by all means, let me know and they will be added to this list.

If a product does not have an AVA code listed, it means one of two things: either I haven't gotten to it yet, or I don't have enough information to be able to estimate its availability. Admittedly, my bias is towards PC products and software over other items, because those are the things I own. Availability information on products for other platforms is correspondingly sketchy.

7 Where can I actually find or sell Ultima products?
For products still available from Electronic Arts (labeled "EA Direct"):
Web: http://www.ea.com/
Phone: (800)245-4525

Electronic Arts has re-released (again!) several of the PC games on CD format, as "Gold Edition" versions of the "EA Classics". These games include the Complete U7, Pagan, and the Underworld 1&2 CD. These all supposedly have the latest patches and improved installation procedures, including support for Windows 95.

There are also a few online stores that still trade some of the newer and "EA Classic" CD's. I'll list them here as I become aware of them. I am -not- endorsing these sources, or vouching for them in any way, just stating that they have copies of CD-based Ultima products available. Caveat Emptor. I've tried to list the stores from most to least likely to have products. Note that availability at these stores could change at any time.

One important note for those of you not in North America: some of these companies will not ship internationally.

* http://www.cdrom-guide.com/ -- The CD-ROM Guide
* http://www.surplusdirect.com/ -- Surplus Direct
* telnet:cdromsonline.com -- CD-ROMs Online
* http://www.cdromshop.com/ -- The CD-ROM Shop

One site of particular interest is the CD-ROM Guide. This site indexes most of the major online CD-ROM vendors, and will tell you the lowest price available on the Internet for a given product. It's a very useful service, and surprisingly complete.

For trading on the Internet:
Read the Usenet groups listed above under question 2.
Post messages requesting the products in these groups.
Search the Usenet archives from various sources on the Web, including
Alta Vista: http://www.altavista.digital.com/
DejaNews: http://www.dejanews.com/

Be careful - not all Ultimas are equal. Some releases had paper maps instead of the much-sought-after cloth ones. Similarly, some products (like the Encore U1-6 CD) have little or no documentation. Be sure of what you're trying to find, and use the list below when dealing with a seller to be sure you're getting exactly what you expected. It can be useful to match UPC numbers with the item you're trying to buy, although many of the rarest items (such as U1 and U2, and many versions of U3) were released before UPC numbers were widely used.

For those of you wanting to sell, I'd advise posting messages to the Usenet newsgroups I've listed, starting with the Ultima Dragons' group. Prices for these items vary greatly; I've bought items I thought should have been $100 for less than $10, and also seen things I thought pretty worthless sell for upwards of $100. Either pick a starting price you think is fair, or you can try to hold an online auction if you think there would be enough interest in your product. Some sellers have been using AuctionWeb (http://www.ebay.com/aw/) as a place to hold their auctions.

8 Why do my games differ slighty from what you have listed?
There are some slight differences in the various versions that I ignored for simplicity. For example, Origin uses the last digit of the UPC number to indicate the media format the game was delivered on. So if your games aren't on 5.25" low-density disks, the last digit of your UPC number will probably differ from what I have listed. Nevertheless, I went ahead and listed a 0 for most of the numbers just for simplicity's sake. I also left out items included with the games (like installation guides, command summaries, and advertisements) that haven't really been considered "collectible" up to this point.

9 Where can I find this list?
On the World Wide Web:

Also, it will be posted from time to time on:

10 What is the future of this list?
I will continue to maintain and update the information in this list on a regular basis for some time. I am currently in the process of converting most of the information contained here into a web site. The URL for that site is:

If other fans would be interested in helping to expand and improve this list, I'd be glad to accept their help! For those who have wondered why the HTML version of this list was not HTML'ized better, it is because I have deliberately tried to keep it in a format where it is easy to convert the HTML document for well-formatted posting on Usenet. That turns out not to be as easy as it sounds; hence the odd combination of text, indents and tags in the HTML version.



Software (By Platform)

Amiga (500/1000/2000)
Exodus: Ultima III
(c) 1986 OSI. 3.5" (1). Amiga Conversion by: 'Banjo' Bob Hardy
U3 cloth map, 'The Book of Play' book, 'The Book of Amber Runes' book, 'The Ancient Liturgy of Truth' book, Player Reference Card

Ultima IV: The Quest of the Avatar
(c) 1988 OSI. 3.5" (1). Amiga Conversion by: 'Banjo' Bob Hardy
U4 cloth map, 'The History of Britannia' book, 'The Book of Mystic Wisdom' book, Ankh trinket, Player Reference Card

Ultima V: Warriors of Destiny
(c) 1990 OSI. 3.5" (2). UPC 17814-75335. Amiga version by Imagitec Design Ltd.
U5 cloth map, 'The Book of Lore' book, Underworld journal, Codex coin, Player Reference Card, Quick Reference Card
OLP: $59.95 AVA: 3

Ultima VI
(c) 1990 OSI. 3.5" (3). Programmed by John Jones Steele. Distributed by Mindscape.
U6 paper map; Compendium book; Orb of the Moons stone; U7 contest form

Apple II (II,II+,IIe,IIc)

Akalabeth: World of Doom
(c) 1980 Richard Garriott and California Pacific Computer Co. Cassette (1).
Includes an 8 page booklet, and instructions for loading the game from tape. The game came in a zip-lock bag. The original art from the booklet cover can be found at:
OLP: $39.95 AVA: 0. Good luck!
For those simply interested in playing, the original Apple II program can be run from a disk image using an Apple ][ emulator. See ftp://ftp.asimov.net/pub/apple_II/images/games/rpg/aklabeth.dsk.gz
A copy of the source code for Akalabeth can be found on Origin's web site at:

Akalabeth: World of Doom
(c) 1980, 1981 California Pacific Computer Co. 5.25" (1).
Includes an 8 page booklet, and a "cover art" page by Denis Loubet. OLP: $39.95 AVA: 0.
When Ultima was released, Richard Garriott decided to update Akalabeth so those Apple owners with disk drives could play it. Around that time he saw Denis Loubet's painting "Wrong Way", and decided it would be nice to update the game art too. This picture was also later used to represent Ultima II on the covers of some of the Ultima collections. A GIF of this art page from Akalabeth can be found on the web at:

(c) 1981 California Pacific Computer Co. 5.25" (1).
Plastic bag; one 8.5 x 11 "cover art" page; Player Reference Card; Ultima Playbook (12pp.).
OLP: $39.95 AVA: 1. Rarely traded, and usually very expensive (>$100).
The original title art by Denis Loubet can be found on the web at http://www.io.com/~dloubet/gifs/bigu1.gif

Ultima I
(c) 1980,1986 OSI. UPC 17814-01181. 5.25" (1).
The First Age of Darkness book; cardboard maps (4); cloth bag containing five coins (1cp, 3sp, 1gp)
(This was a machine language rewrite/rerelease of the original version.)
OLP: $39.95 AVA: 1; Usenet very rarely.

Ultima II: Revenge of the Enchantress
(c) 1982 Lord British and Sierra On-Line Inc. 5.25" (2).
Ultima II book (18pp.); U2 cloth map (22"x17"). Comes in a large (8.5"x11") box, with a castle on the back.
(This is the original Ultima 2. It was released under the "SierraVenture" line, and says so on the box.)
AVA: 1. Copies of this game have shown up in auction for >$150.

Ultima II: Revenge of the Enchantress
(c) 1982, 1984 Sierra On-Line Inc. 5.25" (2).
Ultima II book (18pp.), U2 cloth map (22"x17", newer logo). Comes in a small (6.5"x9") box, with screenshots on the back.
(Apparently, Sierra produced a second printing of the game in 1984 with its new logo.)
AVA: 1.

Exodus: Ultima III
(c) 1983 OSI. 5.25" (1).
The Book of Play book, Ancient Liturgy of Truth book, Book of Amber Runes book, U3 cloth map, advertisement for "Secrets of Sosaria"

Ultima IV: The Quest of the Avatar
(c) 1985 OSI. UPC 17814-01111. 5.25" (2).
History of Britannia book; Book of Mystic Wisdom book; Ankh trinket; cloth U4 map.
OLP: $59.95 AVA: 2

Ultima V: Warriors of Destiny
(c) 1987 OSI. UPC 17814-75350. 5.25" (4).
Book of Lore book; Underworld Journal; Codex coin; cloth U5 map.
OLP: $59.95 AVA: 2

Ultima Trilogy: I,II,III
(c) 1989 OSI. 5.25" (3).
U1-3 Play manual, 3 paper maps, reference guides.

Apple ][gs
Ultima I (c) Vitesse Inc. Programming by Bill Heineman. 3.5" (1).
Play manual (27pp.), Reference book (7pp.). No box; the game is shrinkwrapped around a piece of stiff cardboard.
This is a commercial product by Vitesse, and may be ordered by calling (800)777-7344, or through their web site:

Atari 8-bit (400/800/XL/XE)
Ultima I
(c) 1983 Sierra On-Line Inc. Conversion by Sigma Micro Systems.
Atari Reference card, Manual (12pp.), Errata flyer.
( Box front looks like the castle on Mt. Drash. )

Ultima II
(c) 1983 Sierra On-Line Inc. Conversion by Chuckles.
( Comes in the large (8.5"x11") box. )

Exodus: Ultima III
(c) 1983 OSI. UPC 17814-01110. 5.25" (1).
U3 cloth map; Book of Play book; Ancient Liturgy of Truth book; Book of Amber Runes book
(See also the C64/Atari U3, below.)

Ultima IV
(c) 1985 OSI. UPC 17814-01111. 5.25" (2).
U4 cloth map; Ankh trinket; History of Britannia book; Book of Mystic Wisdom book

Atari 16-bit (520ST/1040ST)
Ultima II: Revenge of the Enchantress
(c) 1985 Lord British and Sierra On-Line. 3.5" (1), 5.25".
U2 cloth map (16"x12"), Ultima II instruction booklet.
( This is the version that I own. However, several people have given me different information, including (c) 1984, and a 17"x22" map. It may be that there were two different versions, or it may be that at some point, Origin obtained the rights to U2 and had to make modifications. I'm not sure yet what the deal is here. )
OLP: $59.95 AVA: 1

Ultima III
(c) 1986 OSI. Conversion by Chuckles. 5.25" (2).

Ultima IV
(c) OSI. Distributed by Microprose.
History of Britannia book, Book of Mystic Wisdom book, U4 cloth map, ankh trinket.
( Came in a smaller than usual box. )

Ultima V
(c) OSI. UPC 17814-75325.

Ultima VI

Commodore VIC20
Ultima: Escape from Mount Drash
?. Cartridge.
Came with a small (appr. 10pp) manual.
( Note: This game was released by Sierra On-Line around 1983, under the "SierraVenture" line. It can't be found in any of the Vic 20 archives, but a number of people have claimed either to own or have played this game. For a bit more information, see http://www.notableultima.com/mtdrash.html )

Commodore 64/128
Ultima I
(c) 1980,1986 OSI. 5.25" (1).
U1 cardboard maps (4), The First Age of Darkness book, cloth bag containing five coins (1cp, 3sp, 1gp), Player Reference Card
OLP: $39.95 AVA: 1; Usenet very rarely.

Ultima II
(c) 1985 Lord British and Sierra On-Line. Programmed by Bobbit!
U2 cloth map, Ultima II instruction booklet

Ultima III
(c) 1983 OSI. Programmed by Chuckles. UPC 17814-01109. 5.25" (1). Distributed by Broderbund.
U3 cloth map, Book of Play, Book of Amber Runes book, Ancient Liturgy of Truth book, Player Reference card, order form for "Secrets of Sosaria"

Ultima III, C64/Atari version
(c) 1983 OSI. Programmed by Chuckles. 5.25" (2). ( This version of U3 includes the same documentation as other versions, and advertised itself as being for either Commodore 64 or Atari 8-bit. The game includes 2 5.25" disks; the 'A' sides of the disks contain the C64 version, and the 'B' sides the Atari version! )

Ultima IV
(c) 1985 OSI. Programmed by Chuckles. UPC 17814-01125. 5.25" (2).
U4 cloth map, History of Britannia book, Book of Mystic Wisdom book, Player reference card, ankh trinket

Ultima V
(c) 1988 OSI. Programmed by Dr. Cat. UPC 17814-75330. 5.25" (4).
U5 cloth map, The Book of Lore book, Codex coin, Underworld journal, Quick reference card

Ultima VI
(c) 1991 OSI. UPC 17814-77030.
U6 cloth map; Compendium book; Orb of the Moons stone; U7 contest form
(As with the PC version, this game was available in a special "Tenth Anniversary" edition that included two autographs and an audio interview of Richard Garriott.)

Ultima Trilogy: I,II,III
(c) 1989 OSI. UPC 17814-76930. 5.25" (3).
Paper maps for U1,U2,U3; U1-3 Compendium

Ultima VI
(This was a CD-ROM product, with full speech, released around 1992. It was Origin's first game with full speech, as well as their first CD-ROM product.)

Ultima II
(c) 1985 Lord British and Sierra On-Line. 3.5" (1), 5.25".
U2 cloth map, Ultima II instruction booklet.

Ultima III
(c) 1985 OSI. Conversion by James Van ArtsDalen. 5.25" (1). UPC 17814-01108.
U3 cloth map, Wizard magic book, Cleric magic book, playbook.

(c) 1995 Leon McNeill.
Shareware remake by LairWare, with improved graphics/sound.
AVA: 9; via WWW at: http://www.lairware.com/~beastie

Nintendo Entertainment System (NES)
Ultima: Exodus
(c) 1989 FCI. UPC 22909-10004. Cartridge.
Instruction book (36 pp.)

Ultima: Quest of the Avatar
(c) 1990 FCI. UPC 22909-10011. Cartridge.
Instruction book, Hint book (84 pp.)

Ultima: Warriors of Destiny
(c) 1993 FCI. Cartridge.

Nintendo Game Boy
Ultima: The Runes of Virtue
(c) 1992 FCI/Pony Canyon. Cartridge.

Ultima: The Runes of Virtue II
(c) 1993 FCI/Pony Canyon. UPC 22909-30008. Cartridge.
Instruction manual (32pp.)

Nintendo Super NES
Ultima: The Runes of Virtue II
(c) 1994 FCI. UPC 22909-40006. Cartridge.
Includes instruction booklet (28 pp.)

Ultima: The False Prophet
(c) 1993 FCI/Pony Canyon. UPC 22909-40001. Cartridge.
Instruction booklet.

Ultima: The Savage Empire
(c) FCI/Pony Canyon. ( This game was released, according to former Origin employees, but I've never actually seen it. I have seen it listed in various Internet marketplaces though. )
Ultima: Martian Dreams
( This game does NOT exist. Work was begun on a project to port the game to Super NES, but Origin cancelled the project only a few weeks after it started. )

Ultima: The Black Gate
(c) 1994 FCI/Pony Canyon. ?

Ultima Trilogy: I,II,III
(c) 1989 OSI. UPC 17814-76910. 5.25" (4).
Paper maps for U1,U2,U3; U1-3 Compendium
OLP: $59.95 AVA: 3; Usenet.

Ultima, the Second Trilogy: IV,VI,VI
(c) 1992 OSI. UPC 17814-79010. 5.25" (13), 3.5".
Second Trilogy (similar to U6) paper map, Age of Virtue Compendium, Player reference card (24pp)
OLP: $79.95 AVA: 3; Usenet.
(Special Limited Edition: early copies of the trilogy included cloth maps. At least one person has said they received a trinket with their game as well. These copies had stickers on the outside, indicating they included the maps. If you're interested in purchasing a Second Trilogy, you might ask if it is a "Special Edition".)

Ultima I-VI Series
(c) 1993 OSI. UPC 17814-80515. CD-ROM (1).
Paper maps for U1,U2,U3,Second Trilogy, U1-3 Compendium, Age of Virtue Compendium
OLP: $79.95 AVA: 4; Usenet.

Ultima I
(c) 1987 OSI. UPC 17814-01294. 5.25" (1).
The First Age of Darkness book; cardboard maps (4); cloth bag containing five coins (1cp, 3sp, 1gp)
OLP: $39.95 AVA: 1

Ultima II: Revenge of the Enchantress
(c) 1983 Sierra On-Line. 5.25" (3).
Ultima II player's handbook; Galactic Map card; U2 cloth map (17"x22").
AVA: 1. This version is less common, though recently it has appeared in auction. According to the Official Book of Ultima (by Shay Addams), problems between Sierra and Richard Garriott over royalties for porting this game to the PC were one of the reasons Garriott founded his own company in the first place.

Exodus: Ultima III
(c) 1987 OSI. UPC 17814-01107. 5.25" (1).
U3 cloth map; Book of Play book; Book of Amber Runes book; Ancient Liturgy of Truth book
OLP: $39.95 AVA: 1

Ultima IV: Quest of the Avatar
(c) 1985 OSI. UPC 17814-01210. 5.25" (2).
U4 cloth map; Ankh trinket; History of Britannia book; Book of Mystic Wisdom book
OLP: $59.95 AVA: 2; Usenet, rarely.

Ultima V: Warriors of Destiny
(c) 1988 OSI. UPC 17814-75310. 5.25" (4).
U5 cloth map; The Book of Lore book; Codex coin; Underworld journal
OLP: $59.95 AVA: 3; Usenet, rarely.

Ultima VI: The False Prophet
(c) 1990 OSI. UPC 17814-77010. 3.5" (720K) (4), 5.25" (7).
U6 cloth map; Compendium book; Orb of the Moons stone; U7 contest form
(* Less common: U6 special "Tenth Anniversary Edition", available via preorder. Box was autographed by Richard Garriott and Denis Loubet, and it contained an audio tape (running time appr. 45:00) of Garriott discussing "Ten years of Ultima".)
(* Very Rare: one of 10 runes - infinity, singularity, and the virtues. Finding one meant you had won the "Star in Ultima VII" contest.)
OLP: $69.95 AVA: 4; Usenet. The autographed boxes are AVA: 2.

Ultima VI: The False Prophet
(c) 1990,1992 OSI. UPC 42725-30488. 3.5" (720K) (4), 5.25" (7). Distributed by GT Interactive Software.
U6 paper map; Compendium book. Smaller box.
(This was a later re-release that Origin distributed through GTI.)
OLP: $69.95

Ultima VI/Wing Commander CD
UPC ?. CD-ROM (1).
OLP: $79.95

Ultima VI/Wing Commander Classic CD
UPC ?. CD-ROM (1).
OLP: $14.95

Worlds of Ultima: The Savage Empire
(c) 1990 OSI. UPC 17814-77310. 3.5" (4), 5.25" LD (7), 5.25" HD (2).
Eodon glossy paper map; Ultimate Adventures magazine
(* Rare: Savage Empire "Special Edition". Box was signed by Richard Garriott, and included the Malone's Guide hint book and a T-shirt.)
OLP: $59.95 AVA: 4; Usenet.

Worlds of Ultima 2: Martian Dreams
(c) 1991 OSI. UPC 17814-78110. 3.5" (3), 5.25" (3).
Mars glossy paper map; Time Travel booklet; Mysteries of the Red Planet booklet
OLP: $59.95 AVA: 4; Usenet.

Worlds of Ultima 2: Martian Dreams
(c) OSI. UPC 42725-30485.
Mars glossy paper map; Time Travel booklet; Mysteries of the Red Planet booklet. Smaller box.
(This was a later re-release that Origin distributed through Good Times Software.)

Ultima Underworld: The Stygian Abyss
(c) 1992 OSI. UPC 17814-78810. 3.5", 5.25" (5).
UW1 Player's Guide book; Memoirs of Sir Cabirus book; Stygian Abyss map; Runestone drawbag (6 runes, BIJLOS)
OLP: $69.95

Ultima Underworld II: Labyrinth of Worlds
(c) 1992 OSI. UPC 17814-80410. 3.5" (5), 5.25".
UW2 Player's Guide book; A Safe Passage Through Britannia book; Castle British paper map
OLP: $79.95

Ultima Underworld I/II CD
(c) 1993 OSI. UPC 17814-81015. CD-ROM (1).
Stygian Abyss paper map; Castle of Lord British paper map; Handbook; Reference Cards for UW1 and UW2; Install Guide
OLP: $79.95

Ultima Underworld I/II Classic CD
(c) 1992, 1993 OSI and Looking Glass Technology. UPC 14633-05470. CD-ROM(1).
OLP: $14.95 AVA: 8; still in some stores.

Ultima Underworld I/II, CD-ROM Classics Gold
(c) 1996 OSI. UPC 14633-05738. CD-ROM (1).
OLP: $14.95 AVA: 9; in stores now.

Ultima Underworld/ Wing Commander II CD
UPC 17814-79615. CD-ROM (1).
Includes the UW paper map.
OLP: $79.95

Ultima Underworld/ Wing Commander II Classic CD
OLP: $14.95 AVA: 5; still in some stores.

Ultima VII: The Black Gate
(c) 1992 OSI. UPC 17814-78311. 3.5" (6), 5.25".
U7 cloth map; Fellowship book; Fellowship medallion; UW1 demo, 5.25" (1)
OLP: $79.97 AVA: 8; EA Direct, Usenet.

Ultima VII, Forge of Virtue
(c) 1992 OSI. UPC 17814-79411. 3.5" (1).
Guide to the Isle of Fire pamphlet
OLP: $24.95 AVA: 4; Usenet.

Ultima VII, Part Two: Serpent Isle
(c) 1993 OSI. UPC 17814-80011. 3.5" (7), 5.25".
SI cloth map; Beyond the Serpent Pillars book
OLP: $79.97 AVA: 8; EA Direct, Usenet.

Ultima VII, Part Two: Serpent Isle, The Silver Seed
(c) 1993 OSI. UPC 17814-81111. EA 6911. 3.5" (1).
Silver Seed Play Guide pamphlet
OLP: $29.95 AVA: 3; Usenet.

Ultima VII - Complete Edition
(c) 1993 OSI. UPC 17814-81711. EA 10043. 3.5" (U7 6, FOV 1, SI 7, SS 1).
All manuals from U7 and SI; UW1 demo disk (3.5"); 2 cloth maps
(This comes in a Serpent Isle box, and has several stickers indicating that it is the "complete" version of Ultima VII, with "all 4 episodes". It includes both cloth maps and all original documentation for both.)

The Complete Ultima VII CD
(c) 1992-1994 OSI. UPC 17814-81715. CD-ROM (1).
Book of the Fellowship, Beyond the Serpent Pillars book, U7 glossy map, SI glossy map.
The Complete Ultima VII Classic CD
(c) 1992-1994 OSI. UPC 14633-05471. CD-ROM (1).
OLP: $14.95

The Complete Ultima VII, CD-ROM Classics Gold
(c) 1996 OSI. UPC 14633-05739. CD-ROM (1).
OLP: $14.95 AVA: 9; in stores now.

Pagan: Ultima VIII
(c) 1994 OSI. UPC 17814-82011. EA 10016. 3.5".
Pagan nylon map; The Chronicle of Pagan book; Pentagram coin
OLP: $79.95

Pagan Speech Pack
(c) 1994 OSI. UPC 17814-82811. EA 10017. 3.5".

Pagan: Ultima VIII, CD-Hard Drive Edition
(c) 1994 OSI. UPC 17814-82015. EA 10044. CD-ROM (1).
Pagan nylon map, The Chronicle of Pagan book, Pentagram coin
(Note that the box for the CD version was slightly different; the 3.5" version had a stone pentagram in the middle, while the CD version had a black square with the Guardian's hand and the Avatar, with a flaming pentagram in the background.)

Pagan: Ultima VIII, Publisher's Choice Edition
(c) 1994, 1996 OSI. UPC 14633-05604. CD-ROM (1).
Install guide, Players Reference, Chronicle of Pagan book, Pagan nylon map; Pentagram coin OLP: $19.95 AVA: 6
(This newer version, released directly from EA, has the "U8 plot patch" and other bugfixes applied to it. The box is also somewhat different; flames only, no pentagram.)

Pagan: Ultima VIII, CD-ROM Classics Gold
(c) 1996 OSI. UPC 14633-05572. CD-ROM (1).
OLP: $14.95 AVA: 9; in stores now.

Ultima Online Beta Test
( As soon as this is released, I will include the information here. )

The Ultimate Games Collection
(c) Encore Software. CD-ROM (1).
(Actually 7 CD's in the pack, but 1 for Ultima.)

Electronic Arts' Top Ten Pack
(c) 1994 EA. UPC 14633-05326. CD-ROM (10).
Came with paper docs for U1-6, and maps in Acrobat (.pdf) format on CD.
OLP: $29.95
(A multi-game product published by EA, including the U1-6 CD.)

Software Toolworks Ultima I-VI Collection
(c) 1992 The Software Toolworks Inc. UPC 50047-10531. CD-ROM (1).
Paper maps for U1,U2,U3,Second Trilogy; U1-3 Compendium; Age of Virtue Compendium; Software Toolworks Catalog
AVA: 1 (I've only seen a couple of people with copies of this.)
(Note that this is *exactly* the same as what Origin released in its U1-6 collection, but this product appears to predate that release by a year.)

Origin FX Screen Saver
(c) 1992 OSI. UPC 17814-79511 (US), 015839-958533 (German). 3.5" (3), 5.25".
OLP: $39.95

Creative Labs CDs
There are several multi-product CDs that include various Ultima products. These CDs may have more games than I've indicated below. The following are the ones I know about:

Syndicate Plus/Ultima VIII/Strike Commander/Wing Cmdr II CD Game Pack
(c) 1994, OSI. UPC 12133-30145. Licensed to Creative Technology. CD-ROM (1).
Combined User's Manual.

Hong Kong Mahjongg/Strike Cmdr/Ultima VIII/Ultima Underworld/WC II
(c) 1990-1995 EA Ltd./OSI/Papyrus Design Group Inc. UPC 12133-30226. CD-ROM (1).
Combined User's Manual.

Ultima VII/The Savage Empire/Ultima Underworld
?. CD-ROM (1).

Sega Master System
Ultima IV: Quest of the Avatar
(c) 1990 Sega. UPC 974365-635718.
Paper U4 map/tables, History of Britannia and Book of Mystic Wisdom booklets, Sega instruction manual (32pp.)
(There are English, German and French versions of this game. The game *was* released in the US, but apparently in very limited quantities. Apparently, Nintendo gave Origin grief over its relationship with Sega, but eventually relented. The UPC number given is for the German version. The American version, at least, came with two sets of books, an blue set in English, and a pink set in French.)

Secrets of Sosaria: A Guide to the Realm, EXODUS: ULTIMA III
(c) 1983-1987 OSI. 48pp.
OLP: $12.95 AVA: 5; EA Direct.

The Way of the Avatar: A Guide to ULTIMA IV
(c) 1986 OSI. 40pp.
OLP: $12.95 AVA: 1; out of print.

Paths of Destiny: A Guide to the Mysteries of ULTIMA V
(c) 1988 OSI. 70pp.
OLP: $12.95 AVA: 5; EA Direct.

Ultima VI Cluebook: The Book of Prophecy
Dr. Cat. (c) 1990 OSI. 75pp.
OLP: $12.95 AVA: 5; EA Direct.

The Savage Empire Clue Book: Malone's Guide to the Valley of Eodon
Aaron Allston. (c) 1990 OSI. 60pp.
OLP: $12.95 AVA: 5; EA Direct.

Martian Dreams Clue Book: The Lost Notebooks of Nellie Bly
Beth Miller. (c) 1991 OSI. 64pp.
OLP: $14.95 AVA: 5; EA Direct.

Ultima Underworld Clue Book: Mysteries of the Abyss
Aaron Allston. (c) 1992 OSI. 64pp. ISBN 0-929373-08-1.
OLP: $14.95 AVA: 5; EA Direct.

Ultima Underworld II Clue Book: Gems of Enlightenment
Austin Grossman. (c) 1993 OSI. 80pp. ISBN 0-929373-12-X.
OLP: $14.95 AVA: 5; EA Direct.

Ultima VII Clue Book: Key to the Black Gate
Andrew Morris. (c) 1992 OSI. 64pp. ISBN 0-929373-09-X.
OLP: $14.95 AVA: 7; EA Direct.

Ultima VII, Part Two: Serpent Isle Clue Book: Balancing the Scales
Sheri Graner Hobbs and Andrew Morris. (c) 1993 OSI. 80pp. ISBN 0-929373-13-8.
OLP: $14.95 AVA: 1

Ultima VIII Clue Book: Pentology
Melissa Mead. (c) 1994 OSI. 96pp. ISBN 0-929373-18-9. EA 10031.
OLP: $14.95 AVA: 7; EA Direct

The Ultima: EXODUS (Nintendo) Hint Book
(c) FCI. 64pp. UPC 22909-20001. ISBN ?.
Walkthru for Ultima: EXODUS for NES.
OLP: $8.00

Quest for Clues I
(c) 1988 Shay Addams. 188pp. ISBN 0-929373-00-6.
Walkthru for Ultima IV, Autoduel, Moebius, plus many others.
OLP: $24.99 AVA: 1

Quest for Clues II
(c) OSI. ?
Walkthru for Ultima V, plus many others.
OLP: $24.99 AVA: 1

Quest for Clues III
(c) OSI. ?
(This did not include any Ultimas, but is included here for completeness.)
OLP: $24.99 AVA: 1

Quest for Clues IV
(c) 1991 OSI. 192pp.
Walkthrus for U6,SE,MD, plus many others.
OLP: $24.99 AVA: 1

Quest for Clues V: The Manual of Swords
(c) 1992 OSI. ISBN 0-929373-11-1.
Walkthrus for U7,FOV, plus many others.
OLP: $16.95 AVA: 1

Quest for Clues VI: The Book of Orbs
(c) 1992 OSI. ISBN 0-929373-10-3.
Walkthru for UW1, plus many others.
OLP: $16.95 AVA: 1

The Questbusters Book of Clues 2
Shay Addams. (c) 1994 Infotainment World, Inc. ISBN 1-57280-004-6.
Includes a walkthrough for U8.
OLP: $18.95

The Official Book of Ultima
Shay Addams. (c) 1990 COMPUTE! Publications Inc. 244pp. ISBN 0-87455-228-1.
History of Ultima, from Akalabeth on. Walkthrus for U1-U6. Interviews.
OLP: $14.95 AVA: 1

The Official Book of Ultima, 2nd Edition
Shay Addams. (c) 1992 COMPUTE! Publications Inc. 308pp. ISBN 0-87455-264-8.
Adds walkthrus for SE,MD,UW1,U7,NES U3,Game Boy Runes of Virtue.
OLP: $18.95 AVA: 7; from EA Direct.

Ultima: The Avatar Adventures
Rusel DeMaria and Caroline Spector. (c) 1992 Prima Publishing. 405pp. ISBN 1-55958-130-1.
Walkthrus for U4,U5,U6. Interviews with Richard Garriott.
OLP: $18.95 AVA: 1

Ultima VII and Underworld: More Avatar Adventures
Caroline Spector. (c) 1993 Prima Publishing. 368pp. ISBN 1-55958-251-0.
Walkthrus for U7,FOV,UW1. Interviews with Underworld designers Paul Neurath and Warren Spector.
OLP: $19.95 AVA: 1

Pagan: Ultima VIII - The Ultimate Strategy Guide
Joe Hutsko and Raymond Lueders. (c) 1994 Prima publishing. 201pp. ISBN 1-55958-594-3.
OLP: $19.95 AVA: 7; still in print.

The Forge of Virtue
Lynn Abbey. (c) 1991 Questar Fantasy. 312pp. ISBN 0-445-21065-6.
OLP: $5.95 AVA: 7; still in print. Questar is now Warner Aspect.

The Temper of Wisdom
Lynn Abbey. (c) 1992 Questar Fantasy. 296pp. ISBN 0-446-36226-3.
OLP: $5.99 AVA: 1; out of print, may be in some old book stores.

Master Ultima: Mystery, Magic, & Strategy
Ralph Roberts. (c) 1991 SAMS. ISBN 0-672-22828-9.
Includes walthroughs for Ultimas 1-6, an interview with Lord British, and other narrative information about the games.
OLP: $16.95 AVA: 7; still in print.

The Book of Adventure Games
Kim Schuette. (c) 1984 Arrays Inc. 339pp. ISBN 0-912003-08-1.
Includes walkthroughs for Ultimas 1-3.

Ultima Online: The Official Strategy Guide
(Prima Development Staff). (c) 1996 Prima Publishing. ISBN 0-761-50926-7.
OLP: $19.99 AVA: 0; not yet available. (Note: This book hasn't yet been released, but can be pre-ordered from www.cbooks.com.)

RPG Companion: An Insider's Guide to PC Roleplaying Games
Ronald Wartow. (c) 1995 Brady Publishing. 496pp.
Includes walkthrus for UW1&2,U7,SI,U8 and many other games.
OLP: $24.99 AVA: 8; still in stores.

Iolo's First Book of Crossbows
( Not a book about Ultima, this book is published by David Watson, aka Iolo, and his company, New World Arbalest. Mr. Watson makes crossbows, just as the character in the games does, and this book describes the history and evolution of crossbow technology. )


Ultima III and IV posters
( There were posters of U3 and U4. They were 16.5"x23", the same size as the U5 poster below, but they were just promotional; they were never sold commercially. I don't have any other information about these. )

Ultima V poster
(c) 1987 OSI. 16.5"x23".
This was a poster of the U5 cover art, and was advertised by Origin.
OLP: $4.95 AVA: 0

"The False Prophet" print
(c) 1990 Denis Loubet. 18"x24".
Full color, mounted print of the original used for the cover of U6.
OLP: $19.95 AVA: 1

Ultima VII poster
( Promotional poster released in PC Gamer magazine right before the U7 release in 1992. The front was the U7 box front; the back had a map of Britannia. )

Ultima VIII: Pagan poster
( Promotional poster of the cover of original flames-with-pentagram cover of U8, given away at some conventions. )

Ultima IX: Ascension poster
( Promotional poster used at some conventions during 1996. Large (at least 20x30), showing a stained glass window with the Guardian's hand either pulling down or pushing up the Avatar. )

Ultima IX: Ascension screenshots
( Origin has distributed a number of high-quality, 8.5"x11" copies of various scenes from U9, at conventions and elsewhere. There are several different types, and some have been autographed. )

Origin Audio CD, Vol 1
Includes tracks from Ultima VI, Savage Empire, Martian Dreams.
(Note: This was apparently released by Electronic Arts UK, and the US portion of EA was not involved. This has led to serious availability problems. This must be regarded as AVA: 1.)

Origin Audio CD, Vol 2
(c) 1992, 1993 OSI. 19 tracks. Total running time: 49:48.
Includes Roland MT-32 music from Ultima VII, Serpent Isle, and Strike Commander.
OLP: $9.95 AVA: 8; available from EA Direct.

Origin Audio CD, Vol 3
Includes tracks from Ultima VIII and others.
OLP: N/A AVA: 8; can be purchased from EA Direct as part of the Wing Commander 3 Deluxe Edition, which is still available.

Ultima V shirt
(c) 1987 OSI. Front: U5 box cover, Back: "Ultima V, The wait is over... but the excitement has just begun."
OLP: $8.95 AVA: 0

Wild Basin Expedition (Savage Empire) shirt
(c) 1990 OSI. Front: "I conquered the Savage Empire", jungle design
OLP: $12.95 AVA: 0

"Origin" clothing
( Not actually Ultima-related, but interesting for many fans. Origin gives away pieces of clothing with the Origin logo, including hats, shirts and jackets, at various events and conventions. )

Design Team shirts
( Apparently, there have been design team t-shirts created for each Ultima since U5, including both Worlds of Ultima games and Serpent Isle. I haven't actually found any of these, nor do I know how collectible they might be. Not very, I'd expect. )

Game Completion Certificates
( Printed, hand-signed certificates were produced for at least Ultimas 3-6. People completing the games who called Origin would receive one. But they've long since stopped giving them out, and good luck getting someone to give up one of their memories like this!)

Ultima Crossbow
( David Watson, aka the real-life Iolo, has said there will be an "official" Ultima crossbow created to coincide with the release of Ultima Online. Whether this will actually happen... ? Mr. Watson's company, New World Arbalest, can be found online at http://www.moontower.com/crossbow/ )

Ultima Online "collectibles"
( Origin sent out a message to people participating in the UO beta test, asking what kinds of UO-related merchandise they would be interested in. Items included mugs, keychains, pens, and so on. Presumably these will become available as UO is released. )

I also know of at least the following having existed at one point:
* Anime comics
* A cartoon pilot
* A hand-held board game

Don't hold your breath though; they only existed in Japan. If you ever hear of any of these old Japanese artifacts, please let me know.


This spot is for a few things that didn't really fit in above, but should be mentioned.

If you're buying an Ultima, you'll want to make sure it actually comes in its original box, if it had one. Here are some guidelines.

Non-US products: The European versions of the Ultimas were almost always distributed through different channels than the US versions. The European boxes tend to be a little smaller and more squat than the US boxes, so don't be surprised if the boxes look a little different; that's normal.
U1: The Complete Book of Ultima by Shay Addams makes mention that the original Ultima game started out being sold in plastic bags, but then California Pacific decided to start marketing the games with "cover art" at a later date. If there were original Ultima copies that were boxed, I've never found them. The original U1 cover art is the same as that on Origin's later re-release.
U2: All original (separately released) versions of Ultima II have as their cover a picture of an adventurer stepping through a blue moongate with a blaster. You can see what the original cover looked like at http://www.notableultima.com/pics/u2cover.jpg. Origin substituted Denis Loubet's "Wrong Number" (demon rising from a pentagram) when they showed the game as part of their later collections (like the U1-6 collection). However, that picture was actually used as the cover of Akalabeth; it never appeared on the front of any real U2 boxes. The box sizes for the '82 and '84 releases of U2 are of different sizes; the later one is smaller.
U5: There were (at least) four different box backs used. Each platform the game was released for had slightly different game shots on the back.
U6: The later GT Interactive redistribution contained the same things as the original, but came in a smaller, thinner box.

Everybody loves the cloth maps. If you're buying an old Ultima, be sure to ask whether it still has the map (if it had one), so you won't be disappointed.

U1: The only maps released were with the later editions. The '86 era remakes had four separate, paper maps. The U1-6 collection had one paper map, with all four lands listed on it. But the original game didn't have a map of any sort.
U2: There are (at least) three different versions of the cloth map for Ultima 2. Two versions are 22"x17", and have slightly different versions of the Sierra logo. Later releases had a 16"x12" map, which did not bear the Sierra logo or the "bat" symbol at the top.
U4: There were apparently two different runs of the U4 maps. The Apple II version was mostly bluish, but maps included with the ports had a more reddish tint to them, and some people say they were of cheaper quality. If your map looks or feels different than you remember, that may be why.
U6: The original games contained cloth maps, but the later GT Interactive version did not; it had a paper copy.
U7: Same as U6; some of the later distributions, including the non-US ones, contained paper maps instead of cloth. Be sure you know what you're getting.
Collections: None of the collections had cloth maps, except for the "special" cases listed above. If you want the real cloth maps, you'll have to find and buy original copies of the games.

All of the above listings include correct information (as far as I know) about the trinkets that came with the games. Note that Ultima IV was the first game to include a trinket, but the U1 remakes had the cloth bag and coins noted above that the original U1 did not.



This document was written by Underworld Dragon, with great help and assistance from the following people and sources:

* The Ultima Dragons
* Andrew Morris, of Origin Systems
* The venerable Dr. Cat
* Alta Vista (http://www.altavista.digital.com/)
* Lycos (http://www.lycos.com/)
* rec.games.video.* FAQ


Ultima, the Avatar, and numerous other terms are trademarks or registered trademarks of Origin Systems, Inc. Amiga, Apple, Atari, Commodore, Macintosh, Nintendo, Game Boy, Master System, Genesis, and others are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective owners.

All material in this document copyright (c) Robert S. Gregg, 1997.