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The purpose of this site is to provide definitive information about Ultima, the computer role-playing series from Origin Systems, and all of the Ultima-related products that have been created through the years.

On this site can be found data on the Ultima products themselves, in all their various incarnations; suggestions for buyers and sellers; and up-to-date (hopefully!) information on the availability of most items. You will find information here about nearly every Ultima related item that has ever been made, and even some that never were. You'll also find pictures, background information, and some anecdotes about how the greatest computer role-playing series ever made came to be.

Whether you're a new fan or taking a long trip down memory lane, there should be something here for you. I hope you enjoy this site as much as I have enjoyed creating it. Please take microgaming org a moment before you leave to let me know what you think. And when you're done, click on the virtue stones below to visit the other Ultima resources I have available.

This site is dedicated to all of the people at Origin over the years - thanks for a great time, guys!

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