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Origin has from time to time released posters and other pieces of game-related art. Some of these were given away for promotional reasons, and a couple have been sold commercially. It would be difficult to find most of these items for sale, though if you attend conventions like DragonCon or GenCon, you might be able to pick up some new pieces as they come out.

Ultima III Poster Ultima III Poster
  • Publisher: Origin Systems, Inc.
  • Artist: Denis Loubet.
  • Characteristics: 16.5"x23". Picture of the Ultima III box cover.
This was a promotional poster used by Origin. It was never sold commercially.

Ultima IV Poster
  • Publisher: Origin Systems, Inc.
  • Artist: Denis Loubet.
  • Characteristics: 16.5"x23". Picture of the Ultima IV box cover.
As with the Ultima III poster, this was never sold commercially.

Ultima V Poster
  • Publisher: Origin Systems, Inc., © 1987.
  • Artist: Denis Loubet.
  • Characteristics: 16.5"x23". Picture of the Ultima V box cover.
  • Original list price: $4.95
This poster was first advertised in Origin's 1989 product catalog.

"The False Prophet" Print
  • Publisher: Origin Systems, Inc.
  • Artist: Denis Loubet, © 1990.
  • Characteristics: 18"x24". High-quality print of the Ultima VI box art.
  • Original list price: $19.95
Origin advertised this in their 1990 product catalog, which was distributed with Ultima VI. It was supposedly a limited run, but I have no idea how many prints were actually produced.

Ultima VII Poster Ultima VII Poster
from Computer Gaming World
  • Publisher: Computer Gaming World magazine.
  • Characteristics: Promotional pull-out poster in CGW magazine. Front: Ultima VII box cover; Back: map of Britannia.
This was a pull-out poster created as a promotional tool for Black Gate in the months before its release. It appeared in CGW #87, October 1991.

Ultima VIII Poster
  • Publisher: Origin Systems, Inc.
  • Characteristics: Poster of the original "flames with pentagram" Ultima VIII box cover.
Used and given away by Origin at various conventions in 1994 and 1995.

Ultima IX Poster Ultima IX poster
  • Publisher: Origin Systems, Inc., © 1996.
  • Artist: ?
  • Characteristics: Large poster of presumably the Ultima IX: Ascension cover art.
  • Availability: Conventions?
This poster, of which a portion is shown here, shows a stained glass window with images of the Avatar and the Guardian's hand, along with various other Ultima icons, such as ankhs, the virtue symbols, and so on. It was shown by Origin at DragonCon '96 in Atlanta. I assume this will be the Ascension cover motif.

Ultima IX: Ascension screenshots Ultima IX Screenshots
  • Characteristics: High-quality 8.5"x11" glossy color printouts of various scenes from Ultima IX: Ascension.
  • Availability: Conventions?
Origin has given away many promotional screenshots of Ultima IX at conventions, of various scenes from the game; some are autographed. I have one of the picture at right, for example.

Ultima Online Map
from PC Games
  • Characteristics: Cardboard, appr. 9x12 poster of the Ultima Online map.
This map was included with the August 1997 issue of PC Games magazine. This issue also included a CD which had a complete copy of Ultima IV.

Ultima Online Hildebrandt Print Ultima Online Hildebrandt Print
I saw a copy of the Ultima Online print by the Hildebrandt brothers shortly after E3 1997, where it was given out as promotional material. I presume that the print being distributed with the Charter Edition of Ultima Online is the same, though those are also autographed by the artists. It also appears that Origin is going to sell copies of the print through their Ultima Online web marketplace for $24.95.

Ultima Online Poster
  • Characteristics: 28"x22". Standard commercial poster for Ultima Online.
It has become standard practice for games companies to create posters, usually 28"x22", for display in the marquees outside of software stores. Origin produced a poster for Ultima Online consisting mostly of the fire-breathing dragon from the Hildebrandt print, and bearing the slogans "enter Ultima Online" and "Are you with us?".

Ultima Online Pamphlet Ultima Online Pamphlet
  • Characteristics: Promotional information about Ultima Online, printed on glossy stock paper. 10pp.
This pamphlet, which has some really nice game shots, was distributed by Origin at conventions during the summer of 1997 and also was distributed to various software retailers nationwide.

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