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There have been a few pieces of Ultima-related clothing, but not many. Ulitma V and Savage Empire both had related tee shirts which were sold around the time of their releases, and that's about it. Origin also has some corporate clothing and accessories that they give away at conventions and such. I'm surprised that there hasn't been more in the way of garb, but maybe with the upcoming releases of Ultima Online and Ultima IX, fans will find new ways to clothe themselves with the trappings of Britannia.

For now, though, you'll have to make do with other options. You could always go and get your Ultima IV ankh and wear it on a chain. Or if you really, really must have some Britannian looking clothing or accessories, try the Society for Creative Anachronism. They have people who will sell you any kind of medieval garb, from tunics to doublets to full sets of plate armor. Their web site has an extensive list of merchants, so you can shop to your heart's delight, or at least until your spouse seizes the credit cards.

Ultima V t-shirt Ultima V tee shirt
  • Publisher: Origin Systems, Inc.
  • Characteristics: Cotton tee shirt. S,M,L,XL. Front: "Warriors of Destiny" and the Ultima V cover art, Back: "Ultima V: The wait is over... but the excitement has just begun."
  • Original List Price: $8.95
Origin began selling this tee shirt when Ultima V was released. It was first advertised in their Spring 1989 catalog.

Wild Basin t-shirt Wild Basin Expedition tee shirt
  • Publisher: Origin Systems, Inc., © 1990.
  • Characteristics: Cotton tee shirt. S,M,L,XL. Front: "Wild Basin Expedition" logo, Back: "I conquered the Savage Empire", with picture of a Tyranosaurus Rex.
  • Original List Price: $12.95, including shipping.
This item was advertised first in the 1990-91 catalog included with many copies of Ultima VI, which came out before Savage Empire, albeit not by much. It was also advertised on the back page of the game manual that came with Savage Empire.

Origin Golf Shirt Origin clothing

Origin gives away various pieces of company garb, at conventions and elsewhere. Among these are tees, polo shirts, jackets, and a nifty denim cap. A must for the truly obsessed.

Origin did once advertise their shirts for sale, in their Spring 1990 catalog - white poly/cotton blends with the old Origin grid logo, which sold for $14.95 each. But they don't sell them these days.

Design Team shirts

Apparently, there have been design team t-shirts created for each Ultima since U5, including both Worlds of Ultima games and Serpent Isle. I haven't actually found any of these, nor do I know how collectible they might be. Not very, I'd expect.

Ultima Online baseball cap Ultima Online baseball cap
  • Publisher: Origin Systems, Inc.
  • Characteristics: It's a baseball cap. Adjustable.
  • Original List Price: $17.99
  • Availability: Electronic Arts.

Origin Golf Shirt Ultima Online tee shirt
  • Publisher: Origin Systems, Inc.
  • Characteristics: Size XL only.
  • Original List Price: $19.99
  • Availability: Electronic Arts.

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