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This page lists the various Origin and Sierra product catalogs that have been included with some of the games. If I can get pictures, I'll include them here with the listings. If you're aware of any other catalogs that I have omitted, tell me about them. I'm pretty sure there is at least one more, as I remember a catalog that had a listing for "Interactive Movie-1", which was the working title for Bioforge before it was released, but it's not in any of the ones I have listed here. There are also some later entries that haven't been listed yet; please fill me in on any details you might know.

Sierra's 1982 product catalog

This catalog had listings for both Ultima and Ultima II. It appears that after California Pacific went out of business, Richard Garriott allowed Sierra to purchase the distribution rights for the original Ultima.

Origin's 1987 Catalog

This catalog had listings for five of Origin's games: Ultimas III and IV, Ogre, 2400 AD, and Autoduel. It was Origin's first product catalog, to my knowledge, and was printed right after Origin moved their offices to the 136 Harvey Road address.

Origin's 1989 Catalog

This catalog opens with a two-page ad for Ultima V, with a nice color photo of Iolo and Gilbert (two of Richard Garriott's friends from the SCA) swordfighting Florentine style. It also has ads for Ultimas I, III and IV, Times of Lore, Moebius, Ogre, Autoduel, 2400 AD and the first Quest for Clues book.

Origin's Fall/Winter 1989-90 Insert

This was a six-page insert included with at least Omega, and probably other games. It had advertisements for Omega, Space Rogue, Windwalker, Knights of Legend, Tangled Tales and the Ultima 1-3 trilogy.

Origin's 1990 Catalog

This catalog was a full-length catalog that had essentially the same listings as the Spring 1989 catalog and Fall 1989 insert combined.

Origin's 1990-91 Catalog

This was the product catalog that came with Ultima VI. It included new ads for Bad Blood, Wing Commander, Ultima VI and Savage Empire, as well as many older games. It also came with a $10 "Britannian Treasury Note" with Richard Garriott in full regalia. By the way, the hidden password is "virtue".

Origin's 1991-92 Catalog

This was the catalog that came with Ultima Underworld. It had new ads for Wing Commander II, Strike Commander, Ultima VII, and Underworld, as well as old ads for Ultima IV, Ultima V, Ultima VI, the NES Ultimas, Game Boy Runes of Virtue, and the Ultima Trilogy I,II,III.

Origin's 1993 Catalog

This catalog had new listings Serpent Isle, Underworld II, Forge of Virtue, Privateer, and the Origin FX Screen Saver. On the back it says "Origin: An Electronic Arts Company".

Origin's 1994 Insert

A four-page insert included with System Shock listed new games released in 1994: Bioforge, Ultima VIII, Wings of Glory, System Shock, and the Complete Ultima VII, among others.

Origin's 1996 Flyer

At DragonCon '96, Origin distributed a product flyer showing Ultima Online and Ultima IX, among other games.

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