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There have been over two dozen Ultima-related books: walkthroughs, hintbooks, histories, and so on. Origin has produced its own series of hintbooks for every game from Exodus onward. They also co-produced a set of books that included walkthroughs for Ultimas and many other games. Lynn Abbey wrote a pair of fantasy novels about Britannia, the land the Ultima series is set in. Caroline Spector, wife of Ultima Underworld producer Warren Spector, wrote a pair of books for Prima Publishing called the Avatar Adventures, which are essentially narrative interpretations of the later games. And of most interest to the Ultima fanatics like myself are the two editions of the bible for these games and their history, the Official Book of Ultima by Shay Addams.

I've tried to include every book that has a walkthrough for an Ultima game. If you were to actually collect all of these titles, you'd have quite a library!

Books and other Publications:

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