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There have been many other places where Ultima has met print: periodicals, newsletters, other game guides, and so on. I have tried to include all of the books with Ultima walkthroughs. If you know of other sources for Ultima information, tell me about them.

NES Ultima III Hint Book The Ultima: EXODUS Hint Book
  • Publisher: FCI.
  • Characteristics: 64pp. Walkthrough and information on the Nintendo Ultima III.
  • Availability: None.
This hintbook seems to have been produced by Origin's Nintendo licensor, FCI, not by Origin itself. It was advertised in Origin's catalogs around 1990. If you have an original copy of Ultima VI, you may find a picture of this hintbook in the 1990-1991 Origin Product Catalog included with many copies of that game. Note that there are also "hintbooks" for the NES Ultima IV and Ultima V, but those were included with the games and not purchasable separately.

Master Ultima Master Ultima:
Mystery, Magic and Strategy
  • Publisher: SAMS, © 1991.
  • Author: Ralph Roberts.
  • ISBN: 0-672-22828-9.
  • Characteristics: Includes walkthroughs for Ultimas I-VI, an interview with Lord British, and other narrative info about the games.
  • Original List Price: $16.95
  • Availability: Bookstores, by order.
Mr. Roberts is a fairly prolific writer, having produced books on a great variety of subjects, ranging from the use of Emacs, to the history of Pepsi, to my favorite, the Mr. Potato Head cookbook.

Book of Adventure Games The Book of Adventure Games
  • Publisher: Arrays, Inc.
  • Author: Kim Schuette, © 1984.
  • ISBN: 0-912003-08-1.
  • Characteristics: Includes walkthroughs for Ultimas I-III.
  • Availability: None.
Kim Schuette published several guides to video games back in the 1980s, including three titles in the "Book of Adventure Games" series. The second one didn't contain anything Ultima-related, and I don't know about the third one.

RPG Companion RPG Companion:
An Insider's Guide to PC Roleplaying Games
  • Publisher: Brady Publishing.
  • Author: Ronald Wartow, © 1995.
  • Characteristics: Includes walkthroughs for Stygian Abyss, Labyrinth of Worlds, Black Gate, Serpent Isle, Pagan and a host of other games.
  • Availability: Bookstores, by order.
In Ultima V, there is a farmer named Wartow in New Magincia that will give you the mantra of Humility if you show yourself worthy. That character is named for Ronald Wartow, author of the RPG Companion, who has been writing computer games and books for a very long time now.

Iolo's First Book of Crossbows Iolo's First Book of Crossbows
  • Publisher: New World Arbalest.
  • Author: David Watson, © 1997.
  • Characteristics: 50 pp. A spiral-bound book about the history and evolution of crossbows, written by Iolo the Arbalest.
  • Availability: Order from New World Arbalest.
  • Original List Price: $10.00
Not exactly a book about Ultima, but David Watson, whose alternate persona "Iolo" is in most of the Ultima games, is probably of interest to fans. He runs a crossbow manufacturing business called New World Arbalest. He has just published his first book, describing the history and evolution of the crossbow.

UO Strategies and Secrets Ultima Online
Strategies and Secrets - Unofficial
  • Publisher: Sybex Publishing.
  • Author: Rusel DeMaria, © 1997.
  • ISBN: 0-782121-25-X.
  • Characteristics: 336pp. Includes tips on how to play Ultima Online.
  • Original List Price: $19.99
  • Availability: Bookstores.
This book should be available in stores by the end of November. Rusel also co-wrote the book Avatar Adventures.

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