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LYNN Abbey's Ultima Saga

In 1990, Lynn Abbey began a series of books based in Britannia, known as the Ultima Saga. The books take place in the time right before and during the reign of the Shadowlords. The series ended after two books, and while the second book didn't exactly end in a cliffhanger, it is evident that a third book was being thought of. Sales were apparently not too good, though, and the second book was the last. Just as well: the stories are so-so, and there are a number of glaring inconsistencies between the "real" Britannia and the one presented in the books. Even so, the series still stands as the only commercial fiction ever written about the Ultima universe.

The Forge of Virtue The Forge of Virtue
"Four young adventurers: Lord Ironhawk's son Jordan Hawson, beautiful Althea, a headstrong blacksmith named Drum, and Jordan's kid brother Squirt heed a mystic globe's dark warning to find Balthan, Althea's magician brother. It is a quest that will take them through the perils of trolls, harpies, and gypsies until they discover the mission is far more crucial than they ever imagined. A vast evil has sunk its claws into Britannia. Lord British's ruling Council of Mages is in hiding, its members marked for death. And only the elusive Balthan knows the truth behind it all."
  • Publisher: Questar Fantasy.
  • Author: Lynn Abbey and Richard Garriott, © 1991.
  • ISBN: 0-445-21065-6.
  • Characteristics: 312pp. Paperback.
  • Original List Price: $4.50
  • Availability: Bookstores, by order.
This book is still in print, and can be ordered at your local bookstore. "Questar Fantasy" is now called Warner Aspect, a division of Warner Books.

The Temper of Wisdom The Temper of Wisdom
"Jordan Hawson and his companions return to Hawksnest only to receive a bitter welcome: their home has been tainted by the same evil they confronted and escaped in the northern forests. Even Jordan's father, Lord Ironhawk, is in the thrall of the corrupt inquisitor Lohgrin. With Jordan blind and disheartened, the Inquisitor moves swiftly and without opposition. Magician Balthan is condemned as a traitor, young Squirt becomes a fugitive in his own home, but the worst befalls Althea. The beautiful young woman will become Lohgrin's bride unless her friends find within their hearts the will and courage to free themselves from the Inquisitor's malignant sorcery."
  • Publisher: Questar Fantasy.
  • Author: Lynn Abbey and Richard Garriott, © 1992.
  • ISBN: 0-446-36226-3.
  • Characteristics: 296pp. Paperback.
  • Original List Price: $4.99
  • Availability: None.
This book is not in print, and hasn't been for a while. It's also pretty hard to find; it doesn't seem that many copies were printed.

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