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Around 1988, when Origin and FCI began to roll out Japanese versions of the Ultima games, the Japanese publisher JICC created Japanese comic (or "manga", as they're called) adaptations of the games. To current knowledge, three manga were created, one each for Ultimas III, IV, and V. All are long since out of print, but if you have a Japanese friend, you might be able to get someone to look for one of these in one of Japan's used book or comic stores. Of if you're very, very lucky, you might find one in an American comic store somewhere. One person has reported finding one of the comics at the huge Asahiya book store in Chicago. Asahiya also has branches in several other American cities; they might be able to help you find or order these books if you really want them.

Ultima ~ Exodus Ultima ~ EXODUS No Kyoufu
"The Terror of EXODUS"
  • Publisher: JICC.
  • Author: Seiji Tanaka, © 1988.
  • ISBN: 4-88063-434-4
  • Characteristics: About 100 pp., softcover. All artwork in black and white, all text in Japanese.
  • Original List Price: 880¥ (about US$7)
This book is an adaptation of the Nintendo (Famicom) version of Ultima III: EXODUS. It seems to contain two different stories: one is called "The Terror of Exodus", and the other is called "The Book of Mystic Wisdom". Today, publisher JICC is known as Takarajimasha.

Ultima ~ Quest of the Avatar Ultima ~ Quest of the Avatar
  • Publisher: JICC.
  • Author: Yuko Tanaka, © 1988.
  • ISBN: 4-88063-576-6
  • Original List Price: 900¥ (about US$7)
This book is an adaptation of the Nintendo (Famicom) version of Ultima IV: Quest of the Avatar.

Ultima ~ The Fall of Magincia Ultima ~ Magincia no Metsubou
The Fall of Magincia
  • Publisher: JICC, © 1990.
I don't have much information about this product yet, except that it exists. I'm hoping to have more soon.

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