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OFFICIAL Book of Ultima

The Official Book of Ultima is like unto the Bible for Ultima fans. This tome contains much of interest to the serious fan - the history behind the games, inside stories from Origin, hidden bits of trivia and arcana, walkthroughs for the first six games, and more. Shay Addams worked with Richard Garriott and others to do the writing, and interior artwork is by Denis Loubet. A second edition was published two years after the first, containing most of the same material with several new walkthroughs added. The second edition is still available in limited numbers from Electronic Arts.

The Official Book of Ultima The Official Book of Ultima
"What do chivalry, the Dead Sea scrolls, Paul McCartney, The Wizard of Oz, Monty Python, Stonehenge, and NASA have in common? They're all part of Ultima, the internationally best-selling series of computer role-playing simulations from ORIGIN Systems. Now, for the first time, you'll learn the inside story of these remarkable adventures and the people who created them in The Official Book of Ultima from COMPUTE! Books."
  • Publisher: COMPUTE! Publications Inc., © 1990.
  • Author: Shay Addams.
  • ISBN: 0-87455-228-1.
  • Characteristics: 244pp. Includes information and history about Ultima, with walkthroughs and maps for Ultimas I-VI.
  • Original List Price: $14.95
  • Availability: None.

The Official Book of Ultima, 2nd Edition The Official Book of Ultima
Second Edition
  • Publisher: COMPUTE! Publications Inc., © 1992.
  • Author: Shay Addams.
  • ISBN: 0-87455-264-8.
  • Characteristics: 308pp. Same as above, plus walkthroughs for Savage Empire, Martian Dreams, Stygian Abyss, Black Gate, and several Nintendo Ultimas.
  • Original List Price: $18.95
  • Availability: Electronic Arts.

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