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If you have questions, comments, or any information about Ultima or Ultima-related anything that I don't already have here, please forward it to me, Underworld Dragon. I'll be very glad to hear from you!

Listed below are a few of the comments I've received on The Collectible Ultima.

  • Wow! That's about all I can say! I am very impressed with your updated site. I had no idea you were waiting to unleash this beauty. Easy to find stuff, and I love the in-text links to other sections.
  • Wow, that looks fantastic... Thank you so much for doing that, it is an invaluable resource for a collector like me.
  • Nicely done! I didn't know many of the collectibles you have showcased even existed.
  • Fantastic job on everything... thanks for a great page!
  • I've travelled through your site frequently and am very pleased with what you ahve done. I deeply appreciate the large amount of work that you've obviously put into this.
  • I can see you have put a great deal of time into doing your research, nice job!
  • Beautiful. It is chock full of what I look for on-line, information... my compliments on a site that actually makes me want to read all of it.
  • Wow! I must say I was very impresssed. This is truly the ultimate source of information regarding Ultima games! That's exactly the kind of thing that I've been looking for all along. Needless to say, I added this site to my "favorites" instantly! Now, if only there were more sites like this one!
  • Your site is really awesome. -- Chris Charla, Editor-in-Chief of Next Generation magazine
  • Quite a nice page. Actually spent about 45 minutes browsing through it (which is an extremely long time for me :).
  • Just got back from your Ultima page. You've packed a lot of info in there and it looks good too. I didn't realize some of those titles had so many versions. I still remember playing Ultima III and IV on my C-64. -- Peter Scheyen, author of the INFOCOM Homepage
  • I've done much reading about the [Ultima] games, and your site HAS to be the most complete Ultima site in the Universe...
  • We've been checking out your site, and we love it. I learned all sorts of things, and I thought I knew Origin inside and out... -- Jason MacIsaac, Editor-in-Chief of Gamesmania

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