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FREQUENTLY Asked Questions

This is a list of frequently asked questions regarding this site or the original Ultima Collectibles List. If you have other questions, feel free to send them to me.

1. What is Ultima?
  • The name "Ultima" refers to a series of computer games created by Richard Garriott, and the software company he founded, Origin Systems, Inc. If you haven't heard of Ultima before... well my goodness, you need to read this list and find you an Ultima to play right now! The Ultima games have, since the beginnings of the personal computer revolution, practically defined the computer role-playing game genre. There are a lot of fans of this series, including a large Internet-based fan club known as the Ultima Dragons.
2. What is this site?
  • This is a complete (or as close as possible) listing of all Ultima-related software and other commercial products which have been released either by Origin Systems, Inc. or other companies. The primary purpose of this site is to give a source of information for what products exist, where they might be available, and how collectible (or collected) those products are.

    There are two intended audiences for this information. First are the fans of the Ultima games, who will enjoy reading this information from pure fan interest. Second are the collectors. Some people collect old computer games or other items for their market or historical value, while some (like myself) collect the games and books simply as a hobby. Either way, this site should make it easier to learn about what items exist and where they might be found. It also should give you a "gee whiz" feeling as you look back over more than 15 years of Ultima. And maybe it will bring a smile to your face, too. At least, I hope so!

    I should also note that this site is not officially endorsed by Origin, and that there's no affiliation between Origin and myself or this site. It's strictly a fan thing. ;-) The information here is as accurate as I can make it within the limits of my time, resources and sources. If you're buying or selling Ultima products, or anything else, you should always take care with the person you're dealing with that you know exactly what you're getting into.
3. How can I navigate around?
  • Most of the pages on this site have links to other appropriately relevant pages. A navigation bar at the bottom of each page provides links to the major sections. Many of the images you see also contain links, some to other pages on this site, and some to relevant resources elsewhere on the Internet. There's a lot of fun stuff, so explore! One important graphic is the site logo: you can return to the main page at any time by clicking on the logo at the top of each page.
4. Where did the information on this list come from?
  • Several different sources. It started with Ultima products I personally either owned or knew about, and grew from there. Many, many individuals on the Internet have helped contribute. Some friendly folks that have worked at Origin lent their hands to the task as well. See the credits section for more details.
5. How can I use this list?
  • The information you find here has two purposes - to show what products exist, and for as many of the products as possible, to help find them. The most useful way to uniquely identify most Ultima items is by UPC number. If you are wondering about a given Ultima product, you can find its UPC number on that product's page and use that to get more information from potential sellers. For example, if you are considering purchasing an Ultima game across the Internet, it would behoove you to check the UPC number of the product you are buying, and check that item on this site to guarantee that you know exactly what you should be getting. For many of the earlier products, there is no UPC number; for these you are on your own to tell whether what you have matches an item in this site, but I have tried to provide as much information as possible. Note that the entries in this site are not exhaustive; rather than list every piece of paper that might be included with an Ultima, I have tried to focus on the major collectible items a fan might be interested in, such as cloth maps, trinkets, etc.
6. Why do my games differ slightly from what you have listed?
  • There are some slight differences in the various versions that I ignored for simplicity. For example, Origin uses the last digit of the UPC number to indicate the media format the game was delivered on. So if your games aren't on 5.25" low-density disks, the last digit of your UPC number will probably differ from what I have listed. Nevertheless, I went ahead and listed a 0 for most of the numbers just for simplicity's sake. I have also left out some minor items included with the games (like installation guides and command summaries) that haven't really been considered "collectible" up to this point. Another difference is that I have focused primarily on the American (US) versions of things, except in special cases. Some of the European versions of the games were distributed by different parties and had different size boxes, materials in different languages, and so on.
7. So, what are these Ultima Dragons you mentioned?
  • The best way to find out about the Dragons is either to visit their Web site, or to read their newsgroup. And remember, Dragons are large reptiles that like to breathe fire.
8. Wasn't there a text version of this site?
  • Indeed there was. For a couple of years I posted the Ultima Collectibles List on Usenet and maintained it on my web site as a straight text list. It can still be found on this site, but I no longer maintain it separately. Maintaining this site is enough! ;-) However, if all you're looking for is a text list of what products exist without the pretty pictures, the text list version might suit you.
9. Wow, cool site dude. You must be, like, a pro. How can I write HTML like you?
  • Er.. hehheh.. okay, so, nobody has really ever asked me this. But I have tried to make this site reasonably professional. Being a professional programmer, I like to write HTML that is reasonably consistent with standards, readable, maintainable, etc. Makes site maintenance ever so much easier that way. If you are interested in being a Web author, I strongly urge you to consider membership in the HTML Writer's Guild. They have one of the most impressive sites I've seen to teach new users and old surfers the tricks of the trade. It's comprehensive, it's highly professional, and - best of all - it's free!
10. Are all these old games still under copyright? Can I download them from the Web? Can I use things from this site?
  • Yes, ALL of the games and other softare products listed on this site are under copyright by either Origin, Richard Garriott, or in some cases, both. So are the artwork, text, and music from the games. If you're going to download old games from "warez" sites or emulator archives, especially just to play them, be aware that technically, you'll be breaking the law. If you're wanting to use materials from the old games for a fan effort like this site, it may or may not fall under the "fair use" clauses of the copyright code. It's all still pretty fuzzy.

    Instead of arguing over it though, if you're wanting to use Origin's stuff, why not just ask their permission? :-) Origin isn't merely a company - it's people, and some pretty nice and talented ones to boot. If it's something you think they'd like, odds are they won't mind. If you're just wanting to play the games without owning them, of course, they'd likely make frowny and pouty faces at you and send you to bed without din-din.

    Most of the pictures, screenshots and music here (except for the backgrounds and logos) are from Origin's products, so you're welcome to them, as I have no particular claim over them. The background and site logos were created by me. The MIDI interpretations of the music came from Televar Dragon. The text and site itself, of course, were my creation. If you'd like to use part of this site, you're welcome to make use of what you can, but please let me know what you're doing with my work, and give me an appropriate level credit on your site somewhere. And now, back to our tour of Ultima...

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