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Credit where credit is due. Many people contributed to the original Ultima Collectibles List, and even more have contributed to its transformation into this site. My gratitude is extended to all of them.

Many people have contributed information about the games and other items. There's no way to credit all of them, but here are a few notables:
  • Andrew Morris of Origin Systems
  • The venerable Dr. Cat
  • The* FAQ and its authors
  • The Ultima Dragons

The music on this site all came from the Ultima games, and is copyrighted originally by Origin Systems and the respective composers. These particular MIDI arrangements are all by Televar Dragon, and may be found on his Web site, The Bard's Library.

Most of the product pictures on this site were provided by Edward Franks, aka Fortran Dragon. A number of other pictures, and information on some of the more obscure products comes from the incredibly complete collection of Jason Cobb, aka Jocksitter Dragon. All other artwork, backgrounds, and other graphics were created by myself.

And last, but certainly not least: the Ultima games were produced by Origin Systems, and its founder, Richard Garriott, aka Lord British.

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