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This page contains specific information about particular aspects of the Ultimas (like the maps, boxes, etc.) that didn't really fit elsewhere, or seem a little clearer gathered in one place. If you have anything special to add, please email me with your suggestion.

  • Non-US products: The European versions of the Ultimas were almost always distributed through different channels than the US versions. The European boxes tend to be a little smaller and more squat than the US boxes, so don't be surprised if the boxes look a little different; that's normal.
  • Ultima I: The original version of Ultima I, the one California Pacific released, did not have a box. The Sierra re-release and later re-releases from Origin did come in boxes.
  • Ultima II: All original (separately released) versions of Ultima II have as their cover a picture of an adventurer stepping through a blue moongate with a blaster. Origin substituted Denis Loubet's "Wrong Number" (demon rising from a pentagram) when they showed the game as part of their later collections (like the U1-6 collection). However, that picture was actually used as the cover of Akalabeth; it never appeared on the front of any real Ultima II boxes. The box sizes for the '82 and '84 releases of U2 are of different sizes; the later one is smaller.
  • Ultima V: There were (at least) four different box backs used. Each platform the game was released for had slightly different game shots on the back.
  • Ultima VI: The later GT Interactive redistribution came in a smaller, thinner box.
  • Martian Dreams: The later GT redistribution came in a smaller box than the original.
  • Ultima Online: The Charter Edition of the game comes in a larger box than the standard edition.


Everyone loves the cloth maps. If you're buying an old Ultima, be sure to ask whether it still has the map (if it had one to begin with), so you won't be disappointed.
  • Ultima I: The original game didn't have a map; Richard Garriott's first map came with Ultima II. The only maps released with Ultima I were with the later editions. The '86 era remakes had four separate, cardboard maps. The Ultima I-VI collection had one paper map, with all four lands listed on it. But the original game didn't have a map of any sort.
  • Ultima II: There are at least three different versions of the cloth map for Ultima II. Two versions are 22"x17", and have slightly different versions of the Sierra logo, with a "bat" symbol in the top center. Later releases (1985 and on) featured a smaller (16"x12") map without the Sierra logo or bat symbol, on a thinner synthetic material. This could have been because Sierra ran out of the earlier maps and they were too expensive to reproduce. Or, maybe after Origin obtained the rights to Ultima II they made Sierra take their logo off the maps, though that seems unlikely; after all, they didn't take the logo off the boxes, manuals or disks.
  • Ultima III: Maps included with some of the later ports of Ultima III were different in at least two ways: the inking for that later maps had a distinctly more reddish-orange tint, and they were missing the cotton lining sewn on the back of the earlier versions, giving them a flimsier feel.
  • Ultima IV: As with Ultima III, there were apparently two different runs of the Ultima IV maps. The Apple II maps were mostly bluish, but maps included with some of the ports had a more reddish tint to them, and were on slightly different material. If your map looks or feels different than you remember, that may be why. Also, there is another slight difference in that some of the bluer versions have the words "Cape of Heroes" printed in Runic below Trinsic, and some do not.
  • Ultima VI: The original games contained cloth maps, but the later GT Interactive version had a paper one, as do the Ultima I-VI collections.
  • Ultima VII: Same as above; some of the later distributions, including the non-US ones, contained paper maps instead of cloth. Be sure you know what you're getting.
  • Collections: None of the collections had cloth maps, except for the "special" cases that came in original boxes to begin with. If you want the real cloth maps, you'll have to find and buy original copies of the games.


All of the listings on this site include correct information, as far as I know, about the trinkets that came with the games. Note that Ultima IV was the first game to include a trinket, but the Ultima I remakes had the cloth bag and coins that the original Ultima I did not. Below is a complete list of the trinkets that have been released.
  • Ultima I: A small cloth bag with five small coins: one gold piece, three silver, and one copper. Only came with the '86 remakes.
  • Ultima IV: An ankh. Made of some type of metal.
  • Ultima V: A coin with the codex symbol.
  • Ultima VI: A black "Orb of the Moons" stone.
  • Ultima Underworld: A small cloth bag with six metal "runes" inside.
  • Ultima VII (Black Gate): A triangular "coin" with the symbol of the Fellowship.
  • Ultima VIII: A coin with a pentagram on both sides.
  • Ultima Online: A pewter UO pin.

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